Troy’s Letter: October 30, 2011

29 10 2011

Hello All!

Another week come and gone.  It seems that they pass by quicker and quicker.  Thank you for all of your help with college.  I’m excited to be living with old friends and with John!!  That’s going to be absolutely amazing.  I think 15 credits will be fine as well—more time to work.  Actually, mom I want to ask you a favor.  I really want to work in the MTC this coming semester.  Can you look up what I would need to do to be able to teach there and the time schedules that would be involved?  That would be my dream job coming off my mission–that way it wouldn’t end—haha.  It’s weird to see snow down in Colorado.  Here it’s getting hotter and hotter. I recently got pretty sunburned.  It’s all right–time to bust out the sunscreen again here.

This past week was great.  We didn’t have any conferences or anything this past week.  It was just pure interchanges.  I loved it.  We got to work in five different zones this past week with five different companionships.  I have little time left, so I’m taking advantage of every second I have.  I run in the street for person to person and by the end of each day, the missionaries are absolutely exhausted from talking to so many people—haha.  I really want to be a good example of how to finish the mission well.  It’s a little hard finishing my mission in the office, because none of the fruits of missionary work that I see are mine.  It really helps me to be humble and recognize that it’s the Lord’s work.

This next coming week will be crazy.  Today we are leaving to go up to the north at around 2 p.m.  We will be up there for just three days doing interchanges and interviews with President.  On Tuesday, we will be coming back down to prepare for Zone Council next Friday.  As a mission, we had 95 baptisms in the month of October, the year high!!  To celebrate we are going to Cumorah (a place down by Valpo) for Zone Council instead of doing it here in Viña.  It’s going to be awesome.  We are planning a service project and an activity and everything.

Well I love you all and I’m excited to hear from you next week!
Elder Teeples




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