Troy’s Letter: October 22, 2011

29 10 2011

The Church's 50 Year Celebration of Chile's Missionaries...Can You See Me?

Hey family!!

It was great to hear from you all.  I’m glad that everything is going well.  I still can’t believe that Taryn is in Provo and that Savannah will be going soon as well.  I will always see them as high school students—haha.  It’s weird how life keeps going on.  Thank you so much for getting everything ready for next semester.  I’m excited to see everyone again down in Provo.  But seriously, I really appreciate all the help that you all given me to get ready for school.  I don’t know what I would do without such an amazing family.

I got a letter this week from Haley Tyler asking how I am and how my mission is going.  I’m afraid that if I send a letter home it might get there after I do—haha, so could you please tell her thanks for sending the letter?  It was a great boost for me.

So, let me first start out with the 50-year celebration last Saturday… wow!!  It was amazing.  It started out with a devotional from the First Presidency of Chile and then the cultural celebration. The stadium in Santiago was filled.  It was a night full of acts, dances, lights, plays, and action. There were about 400 missionaries from all over Chile.  I loved every minute of it.  We all sang I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go.  It was pretty powerful.  I’m sure they have the movie out on the church website already.  The best part was that stakes from the entire mission came to perform dances and skits, so I saw members from Coquimbo that I hadn’t seen in over a year.  There were some of my converts from Viña Centro, Achupallas, and Coquimbo at the celebration.  It was like a huge reunion with a bunch of people that I have grown to love so much during my mission.  We all got back to Viña at around 1:00 in the morning, and then Elder Briones and I had to drive some missionaries to their pensions.  We didn’t get to bed until 3:00am.  It was a long night—haha.

The rest of the week was pretty normal.  President Gillespie has been doing his interviews with every zone, so we have been accompanying him.  Every morning we have been doing a training session for the district leaders and then interchanges in the afternoon.  It’s been wonderful to get out and work a lot this change.  Last change was crazy.  We had lots of training sessions, conferences, zone councils, and other things to plan and conduct.  This change, however, has been much more relaxed.  We’ve had a lot more time just to get out and work with the missionaries.  I’ve really enjoyed it.

A cool experience that I had in an interchange was in Valparaíso Oeste with Elder Boren on Sunday.  After attending church at their chapel, we headed out to work in the afternoon. Elder Boren and I taught a family.  The parents and their daughter were all less active and they had a nine-year-old daughter that hadn’t been baptized.  We taught the whole family and the husband of their oldest daughter.  We taught a really powerful first lesson and they all committed to going to church.  Right after sharing the First Vision, we invited the 9-year-old daughter and the husband of the oldest daughter to be baptized.  They both accepted.  I then invited them to be baptized the 12th of November.  They both accepted and they were all so excited.  It was such an awesome experience.  I just love to teach!!  I love seeing the joy that comes into these people’s lives.  I really do love the Chileans.

Well, I’m excited to see all of you but I still have one month left to give it my all.


Elder Teeples




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