Troy’s Letter: October 15, 2011

29 10 2011

Elder Hughes, Elder Brady, and me at their going away dinner...


Well, it was great to hear from you all, like usual.  I’m glad to hear that everyone is well.  Sounds like school and work are moving along as usual.  I can’t believe that Mr. Barry has moved in back door!!  That’s so cool—haha!  We have to baptized him.  I’m excited to hear that Alex will be giving his going away talk on the same day as my homecoming talk.  That will be a very interesting sacrament meeting—haha.

This past Tuesday was absolutely ridiculous, like all change days.  In the morning, we were constantly running from one place to another, taking missionaries from the bus terminal and back, facilitating the training session for the trainers, meeting the new missionaries, and getting them all to their new wards and branches.  It’s such an eye opening experience for me to meet the new missionaries who come in.  It’s so funny to see their faces of awe and utter confusion.  I love seeing the faith and the excitement that they have for the work. It reminds me of when I got to the mission.  Some missionaries say that they would do things differently if they could start over again, but I wouldn’t.  I know that for these two years I have given my whole heart and soul every day.

So we had two days to do interchanges this past week.  I went with Elder Vargas, my old companion from Ovalle!!  It was so good to work with him again.  I felt like we were back in Ovalle again.  That’s one of the benefits that I have as assistant.  On free days we can choose who we want to do interchanges with—haha, so I just had to work with him again.  Great times!  We talked to everyone in the street all day, but just didn’t see any success.  At the very end of the day, we passed by a former investigators house that was in the area book.  It turned out to be a family of seven!!  We taught a wonderful Lesson 1.  They were loving every minute of it.  They committed to reading the Book of Mormon and praying and Elder Vargas now has another appointment for Monday.  I’m excited to hear what happens with them.

Yesterday I got to work back in Valparaíso Oeste again, where I started the mission.  We did interchanges with the zone leaders there.  It was great to work in the same ward again.  We passed by some members and even taught some people that I taught when I was there.   I t’s amazing how much hasn’t changed there—haha. It was funny.  Some of the members had thought that I had already left Chile because it was so long ago.  They were also surprised to hear that I can speak Spanish now—haha.

Our mission truck after the accident...

Today is the anniversary of fifty years of missionary work in Chile!!!  We are all going down to Santiago to a huge stadium where members and return missionaries who served in Chile will be meeting.  We are all so excited.  All of the missionaries who are in the southern half of the mission are going with their wards.  It’s going to be such an amazing experience.  We’re all excited to see who shows up as well.  We are all hoping that the prophet will go or at least a member of the Twelve.

The other car...

Well after all of that good news, sadly, I will be finishing this letter with some bad news.  I crashed the mission car this past Sunday.  It wasn’t that bad, but the bumper was destroyed and the other car looked pretty bad.  No one got hurt, luckily, and the owner of the other car was amazing—completely accepting, and loving.  I felt completely terrible afterwards.  I can’t explain how bad I felt.  I had to fill out a lot of paperwork and luckily, nothing will be happening with my driving record.  The church will be covering all costs of the damage.  How blessed am I?  It’s amazing how well the church takes care of their missionaries.  We have to leave our truck in Santiago for a week and afterwards it will be just like new.  I’ve lost my driving privileges though.  I won’t be driving for this last month.  My mission president has been really loving and great about it.  I’m so thankful for him.  I think the best part of all of it was that we talked a lot to the guy whose car I destroyed.  He is amazingly nice and his family was great about it.  We got his directions to his home, and we’re going to go by to teach him.  Can you imagine if he is baptized with his family?  The Lord works in mysterious ways—haha…

Well I love you all,

Elder Teeples




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