Troy’s Letter: September 24, 2011

22 10 2011


It’s great to hear from you all and hear that everyone is doing well.  Sounds like a great week passed by.  I can’t believe that Taryn ran into Matt and  Matt!!  I would love to live with them if  it’s possible!  So, thanks mom, so much for  all of the work that you have done for my schedule at BYU.  The thought of studying anything but the  scriptures makes my head hurt.  Well,  maybe not studying, but doing homework and writing papers.  What a change.  Well, I’m just going to take advantage of the  time that I have left to do the most important kind of work.

This  week that passed by has been another ridiculous week.  Lots of traveling. As you know this past week  was the 18th of September.  It  was like one big party in Chile…interesting proselyting circumstances—haha.  Lots of barbeques, dancing, and traditional Chilean  food.  I think every missionary gained  ten pounds this past week—haha.  I loved  seeing the best part of Chilean culture in action.  I really have grown accustomed to Chilean  life and culture.  It’s going to be a big  culture shock leaving here.

Temple sealing….converts of Elder Briones

We  did a lot of interchanges this past week and four more training sessions.  Lots of traveling as well.  Elder Briones drove the six hours back down  to Viña while I tried to catch up in my journal.  I’m still two weeks behind…there’s just no time to do anything.  A really cool  experience happened yesterday during interchanges with the zone leaders in  Villa Alemana.  I was working with Elder  Quist, a missionary who got here to Chile the same time as I did.  We were talking to absolutely everyone in the street with a lot of excitement and energy but we just weren’t seeing many results.  We never got down though and two hours later we passed by the house of some future investigators.  We found a family of three, a father, mother, and son.  We taught an amazing Lesson 1.  The spirit was really strong and they accepted the invitation to get baptized.  It just goes to show that if we always keep the faith up, the miracles will come.  It’s weird knowing that everyone I teach now in the mission, I will never be able to teach again.  But just seeing the happiness of the missionaries and seeing their success is what makes me happy.  What a wonderful calling I have!!

Today we will be going to the temple in Santiago!  We will be seeing the sealing of a family that Elder Briones taught in Achupallas.  It will be the first time that I will ever see a live session of a family sealing in the temple.  I’m really excited for it!  Oh and I talked to Guillermo and Vanessa.  We set the date of going to the temple on the 19th of November, my very last P-Day in the mission.  I will be able to see the two of them and their two daughters be sealed for all time and eternity.  I’m so excited.  I feel like it was just yesterday when Elder Vargas and I were teaching them in Ovalle.

Well, I love the work here.  I love my mission. I love you all as well,

Elder Teeples




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