Troy’s Letter: September 17, 2011

19 09 2011


Hello family!!

It was wonderful to hear from you all again!  I very much enjoyed all of your letters.  Sounds like life is going on as usual…lots of school and lots of work.

Well I’m sure that my week was very different from your week—haha.  This past week we did a mission tour with Elder Corbridge, from the Quorum of the Seventy!  Guess what?  He was Cody’s mission president!  When I met Elder and Sister Corbridge for the first time, Sister Corbridge said, “ Hey, we had an Elder Teeples in our mission in Santiago Norte.  Do you know Cody Teeples?”  They were excited when I told them that he’s my cousin.

We spent the week traveling with Elder and Sister Corbridge and President and Sister Gillespie throughout the mission.  We held a conference in the South, the Interior, and yesterday we had a conference in the North.  It was a great experience…getting everything set up and ready for the conferences and learning from Elder Corbridge.  We were able to hear the same message three times.  It was amazing how every time his message changed a little bit according to the needs of the missionaries.  The life of the apostles and the seventy is amazing.  Every day, they have the opportunity to dedicate 100 percent of their effort and time to the work for the rest of their lives.  What a privilege.  I’m already excited to serve another mission with my wife in the future!

Right now we are up in the North.  If we have time later today, we are going to visit some of Elder Briones’ converts up here and we should be going to a ward activity for the 18th of September.  It’s Chile’s Independence Day week right now.  The whole country is going crazy.  Lots of meat and lots of red, white, and blue everywhere.  It’s almost as cool as the 4th of July, but not quite.  It’s weird to think that I passed my last 18 de September up here in Coquimbo.  A whole year has passed!

This whole next week should be a very busy one.  We have interchanges, training sessions, interchanges, training sessions, traveling back down to Viña, and then more interchanges and training sessions.  This week is going to absolutely fly by.  Oh and by the way, last Saturday we went sand boarding.  It was by far the coolest activity so far of my mission.

I love you all,

Elder Teeples




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