Troy’s Letter: September 3, 2011

3 09 2011

The Astudillo Family Baptims on August 20, 2011

Hey family!!

It was great to hear from you all.  Sounds like the school season is up and going again.  I heard from my friends from freshman year at BYU.  It’s crazy how all of them are back from the mission and living together at BYU again.  I heard from my trainer as well, Elder Blood.  He’s at BYU right now.  He told me that he’s about to propose.  How weird is that?  I can’t believe it.  Time flies by.  Well I have a couple months left to give it my all and then real life will hit.

Chilean Schools on Strike for Free Education...

This week was probably the busiest week of my entire mission.  Something I’ve learned here is the ability to be extremely busy and not be stressed—this will help me a lot in the future.  This past Sunday we picked up Elder Briones, my new and last companion.  I love Elder Briones.  He has a lot of energy and a love for the work.  This will really help me to finish strong.  We get along really well together and we haven’t had time to even stop and think this week—haha.  Right after he got here, change week started.  Tuesday was a crazy day full of coordinating changes, picking up and dropping off elders and sisters, training the trainers, meeting the new missionaries, getting them off with their trainers, changing bus companies because of luggage problems, and a million other things.

Wednesday and Thursday, we had no time for interchanges because we had to plan Zone Council, which we had yesterday.  We were up past midnight planning workshops, scheduling, and preparing the agenda for Zone Council.  I didn’t get much sleep or eat very well, so I ended up getting sick as well—haha.  What a week!

We had Zone Council yesterday and it went pretty well.  All of the zone leaders said that it was a really good one so I ended up feeling pretty happy about it.  It’s amazing how much planning and work goes behind each meeting.  Right after Zone Council ended, we had to start planning for the specialized trainings that we will be doing all this next week.  Every morning, Tuesday through Friday, we will be doing teaching training sessions and practices with four different zones.  Each afternoon, we will be doing interchanges with the zone leaders. It’s going to be a ridiculous busy change.  We will be doing this with all of the fourteen zones.  We have General Conference and another Zone Council at the beginning of October.  It’s obvious that the Lord knows how busy I like to be—haha.

I’m excited for this upcoming change.  It’s going to be a quick but efficient one. I love the work that I’m doing.  Even though I’m not in the streets every day, I know that what I do helps other missionaries to be as successful as they can be.  By the way, Juan Astudillo, the father that I baptized last week, asked me to ordain him to the priesthood! I’ll be ordaining him on Sunday!!!

I love you all,

Elder Teeples




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