Troy’s Letter: August 13, 2011

14 08 2011

Hey everyone!!!!

It was great to hear from all as usual.  I can’t believe that Savannah is taking senior photos.  In my mind she will always be in ninth grade—haha.  And Taryn is going to be starting her second year of college.  How ridiculous is that?  Just so you know, those ponchos are about 12,000 pesos, which is like 24 dollars.  The last couple days of my mission, I have some time to buy souvenirs,  So before my last week, you can just send me a list of all of the stuff that everyone wants (but I don’t have a ton of room in my suitcase—haha).

Well, this past week has been the busiest and happiest week of my entire mission.  I have so much to say.  I only hope I can include the best parts.

Well, I’ll start out with all of our old investigators.  The Astudillo family, the family of four that Elder Mace and I found, is getting baptized next Saturday!!!!  It feels like yesterday when I invited all of them to be baptized the 20th of August, and now they are all getting baptized!!!  Rosemary and Andreth are also getting baptized the 20th!!  I’m so excited to be there and see it.  Elder Mace and his new companion are going to have six baptisms next week!  It’s kind of sad how my whole mission I prayed every day to baptize an entire family together, and right when it was going to happen I was transferred.  But it doesn’t matter.  They’re not my baptisms.  The baptisms are the Lord’s baptisms.  I’m happy that I was able to do my part.  As long as they get baptized and stay active in the church, it doesn’t matter which missionaries are there when it happens.  Sometimes I reap and sometimes I plant, but all of the fruits are the Lord’s fruits.

This whole past week has been full, every minute of it.  On Sunday, we did interchanges in my old sector in Viña.  I was able to see a lot of members that I love and some converts as well.  It felt great to be back on old stopping grounds.  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we had zone conferences. Wednesday was in the south, Thursday was in the interior, and yesterday  was in the north.  It has been a very hectic week.  It’s really cool to do three conferences in a row, though because everytime it just gets better and better.  At the end of each conference, Elder Jaquier and I set up a Jeopardy game, a competition between the four or five zones in each conference.  We had buzzer boards and   asked questions about scriptures and doctrine.  It got pretty intense and everyone loved it so much.  It was so funny to see how the elders got competitive—haha.  I loved it.

One of the best parts was our ROAD TRIP TO THE NORTH!!!  Right after conference in the interior, we took our five-hour road trip up to the north.  It was so fun.  We bought a bunch of good food, had great music, and Elder Jaquier showed me the traditional place to stop to get the best cheese empanadas ever.  They were delicious.  The scenery was amazing as we drove through hills, alongside mountains, through the fields, and right next to the beach.  It was one of the most amazing scenic drives in Chile ever.  What a beautiful country!

Another highlight was when I got to see Elder Arredondo!!! (the elder that I trained in Ovalle).  It was so amazing to see him.  Right now, he is in Sindempart! He’s right where I was for six months!  So he gets to see some of the members I loved and some converts as well.  It was great to see him.  He’s even training right now as well.  I can’t believe how time flies by.  After conference yesterday, we had a couple of hours open, so I went back to Sindempart and visited everyone!!!!  I got to see Patricia, Pamela, and Jaime… Marcela and her family, the Encina Family, Mauro and Rocío, and others!!!!  (Do you remember any of these names from old letters home?)  It was amazing.  What a great weekend.

We don’t really have a P-day today, because there’s no time.  We just took a short break to write home.  After lunch, we have interchanges with the zone leaders from La Serena.  Sunday, we have interchanges with the zone leaders from Coquimbo, Monday with Ovalle, Tuesday with Illapel, and then we road trip back down to Viña.  Pretty much the craziest and best weeks ever.  Great times.

I love the mission with all of my heart.  I love the missionaries.  I love my mission president and his wife.  I love the members and I love the people.  I love my Savior.  I know when the two years finish, it will be time to get on with other things, but I’m absolutely positive that every single day of my life I will remember my mission.

How I love this work,

Elder Teeples





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