Troy’s Letter: July 30, 2011

31 07 2011

A member put a chicken's talon on a plate to serve us during lunch as a joke. We saved it, tied it to a string, and then scared Elder Schiller in the pension at night. Haha!

Hey family!!

Well, I’ll assume that mom and Savannah forgot again that my prep day is on Saturday…. I mentioned when my new P-day is in the email I sent with the four pictures. Oh well, maybe next week—haha. Dad, it’s great to hear that you’re doing well with your new job. I’m glad to hear about the diet as well! I’m starting to run in the mornings to keep the bread off me. It’s good to hear that Taryn is going back home. I was really excited to hear that. It’s weird thinking that Taryn will be starting her second year of college soon.

I’m starting to get used to my new assignment. The mission has changed a ton for me. This week has been full of interchanges, interchanges, and more interchanges—haha. We’ve done six interchanges in the past six days. We’ve been traveling all over the coast and going on splits with district leaders, zone leaders, and future leaders. I love the experience, because we get to know all of the missionaries in the entire mission. Our mission is huge as well. We have around two hundred missionaries here. It always varies, but a couple of months ago, our mission was the largest in the world. We also get to know a variety of members and investigators. It is a great time.

On Thursday, we did interchanges with the zone leaders in Valparaiso Oeste, in my very first sector of the mission!! I was able to see my very first convert, Marta, again!! I was also able to see a bunch of members and old investigators that I grew close to. Do you remember Cristina and Raul? They were a couple that was going to get married. They were from Japan and Elder Suazo and I were teaching. Well…I passed by them again on Thursday with Elder Briones!!! It was sooo good to see them. They hadn’t been baptized, sadly. They had stopped going to church. We passed by them again and got them excited to start coming to church again and be baptized. Elder Briones is going to let me know how they do. And also… Marta was baptized!! Juan Carlos sadly stopped going to church, though, and never was baptized. We were able to teach a family that I found with Elder Suazo, the Perez Muñoz family. The mom and the daughter had been baptized about two months after I left the area. The dad is now going to get baptized in August!! It was great to see them again. What a wonderful day. As we were walking the streets of my first branch I just had a million memories come back to me of my time with Elder Blood and Elder Suazo. It was funny, because the whole day I was pointing out where old investigators lived that we had taught and other things. Great day.

Yesterday I was able to do an interchange with Elder Mace, my old companion. We were back in Mirador and it felt like I had never even left. We were able to teach some of our converts and I

Companionship ponchos! Haha!

taught some of the investigators that we had had together. It was great to see the bishop again and some of the ward members that I miss a bunch. Everyone was really surprised to see me back—haha.

So, I don’t have any investigators to write about in my weekly letters anymore. All of our free time is spent planning out mission conferences, zone council, and other mission training sessions. We’re planning a sweet Jeopardy game for the conference coming up! My new pension is absolutely amazing. There are seven of us living together. It’s like a real house. We even have our own washer machine and dryer! I love it. Life is going really well right now. It’s weird how the time passes by here. I don’t measure the time in weeks anymore, because we don’t have weekly planning or weekly goals or even nightly planning. It’s all just like one big long blur now haha. Well, I love you all. It was great to hear from Taryn and Dad!!! Haha!

Love, Elder Teeples




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