Troy’s Letter: July 11, 2011

31 07 2011

Alexandra's baptism...

Hey family!!!

It was great to hear from you all and to see all of the pictures as well!  Stony Park looks amazing and Alaska looks absolutely amazing!!  I’m glad to hear that Dad got a job and that everyone is doing fine.  It sounds like you are all just on one huge vacation—haha.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TARYN!!!  I can’t believe that you will be turning 19.  Isn’t it weird to think that when I left on my mission, I had recently turned 19?

Well, another amazing week here in Mirador—it absolutely flew by.  One of the best parts was that Alexandra was baptized!!!!  It was a really great baptism.  Many people came, including her family and friends.  Her mom is a strong Catholic, but Alexandra has a lot of faith that with time she will have a change of heart.  Her mom even went to church on Sunday, but ended up criticizing everything.  Oh well, I know that Alexandra will stay strong.  She has an amazing testimony.  On Sunday, in the Gospel Principles class for investigators, she shared this absolutely incredible testimony—one of the strongest testimonies I have ever seen from a convert.  She even set up a Family Home Evening with a family that we are teaching in her house!!  She is going to be an amazing missionary—haha.

I have to share the biggest miracle of the week, though—finding the Astudillo family!!!  Okay, it went down like this…on Wednesday, we had interchanges with the assistants of the President.  I was with Elder Blake and four of our five appointments were cancelled on us.  Instead of getting upset about it, we decided to think of it as a blessing and an opportunity to find more people. We talked to this person in the street named Juan Astudillo.  We gave him a Book of Mormon, promised him blessings, and set up an appointment for Thursday. The next day Elder Mace and I passed by to visit him.  We taught him, his wife, his 14-year-old son, and his 11-year-old daughter.  It was the most golden family I have ever seen!!!!  They absolutely loved the lesson, committed to be baptized, and all four of them went to church on Sunday!!  The son, Juan Ignacio, is even a student of the bishop!!  I have been praying my entire mission to find a family like this.  I can’t believe it finally happened! It just goes to show that hard work, faith, and a good attitude bring miracles.  I’m so excited to see their progress.  We have an appointment with them tomorrow!

On Friday, we had Zone Council for all of the Zone Leaders of the mission.  It was really different and cool.  This time they surprised all of us.  When we arrived in Viña, they packed us all in a bus and sent us to Valparaíso.  We all changed into service clothes, washed tables, and then did these cool leadership games like Tug of War and others.  Way cool—it was a really great time.  Oh and also, I’ve decided what I want to do with my life after the mission.  I really want to be a chiropractor—haha.  Kind of random, I know, but I had a really intense personal revelation experience about it.

Changes come this week. President will be calling us on Friday to let us know what happens, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to stay here with Elder Mace.  I really hope so because this area is just on fire.  We are really blessed here.

Well, there’s much more to say but zero time.  I love you all.  Can’t wait to hear from you again,

Love, Elder Teeples




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