Troy’s Letter: June 27, 2011

11 07 2011

Dear family,

Great letters this week…I thoroughly enjoyed them.  Before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAVANNAH AND DAD!  Sorry about mixing the dates up, but family birthdays are one of the last things that come to my mind here—haha.  I hope that you both have/have had awesome birthdays.  Seventeen years old and forty-nine years old…wow where has the time gone?  I’m glad to hear that Joel is getting situated in a sweet house as well.  I’m excited to see it in November.

Well, this past week has been busier and better than ever.  I am constantly amazed at how much the Lord has been blessing Elder Mace and me lately.  I’ve never had so much success before in my entire mission.  Let me just start out by saying that we had twelve investigators in church!  Twelve!  A new mission record for me—haha.  It was absolutely amazing.  And the best part was that seven of them have baptismal dates!  This is our schedule for the month of July: the 1st (this Friday) Aris and Sebastián are getting baptized; the 9th Alexandra is getting baptized; the 16th Gabriela and her two kids Javiera and Martín are getting baptized; and on the 30th, Matías (the husband of a less active) and his son Matías are getting baptized.  The only weekend that we don’t have a baptism planned is on the 23rd, and we are going to invite Rosemary tonight (wife of a less active) and her son Andreth, who have attended four times, to be baptized on the 23rd.  If everything goes well, we should be baptizing every weekend in July—ten people, four families in total.  Wow.  Words cannot express the amount of miracles or the work that goes into each and every day to help these families.  Sometimes I feel like Mormon when he said “and a hundredth part of the dealings of this people I cannot write in these records.”

Our day-to-day schedule here is crazy.  After studies in the morning we are constantly busy.  We go from lesson to lesson, from meeting to meeting.  We are constantly working with either the investigators, stake leaders, or the missionaries in our zone.  Our zone is huge.  There are nine companionships in total, so it’s a lot of work to deal with all of their needs, plan zone meetings, do interchanges, call for numbers, etc.  One thing that I’ve learned is just to love every minute of it. I really have found in this change the pure joy in missionary work.  Every day I seem to get happier and happier because of the success and just being busy.  I think that I’m not happy unless I’m busy—haha.  The Lord must know that.  That’s why He put me here with Elder Mace.

Elder Mace is a musical genius and plays the piano like you couldn’t believe, so we have been really involved in music this month.  This change I’ve realized something I never knew before—I can sing!!  Hahaha!  I don’t know what happened but I can actually sing now.  Every week in sacrament meeting, our ward mission leader and I sing the harmony parts to a hymn while Elder Mace plays the piano.  Yesterday in church the three of us sang Be Still my Soul and it turned out absolutely amazing.  The spirit was so strong.  I’m definitely going to sing in the ward choir when I get home.  Isn’t it amazing how we develop so many talents in the mission?  We are setting up a concert for the stake.  Elder Mace is going to play the piano, and our ward mission leader, his wife and I are going to sing with the three parts melody voices.  We are going to travel to each of the eight wards of the stake during July and August.  I’m pretty excited about it! It’s kind of like a Mormon choir tour in Achupallas—haha.

On Saturday, we had a sweet ward activity.  We played soccer and then had a barbeque.  It was delicious and hilarious.  The best part was that we had investigators there and they got along so well with the members.  I really do love this ward. I love the members and I love the investigators.  I’m just so content here.

Well there’s a lot more to say but I’m out of time.  I love you all.

Elder Teeples




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