Troy’s Letter: June 13, 2011

14 06 2011
Burritos in Vina del Mar

Hey family!!!

I know you’re all in different parts of the world again, like usual…so I decided to send my letter to all of you. Taryn, don’t lose your leg—haha, and I hope that Savannah has an awesome time in Provo. I know she will. Hopefully Megan and her mom will also like Provo and BYU and have a change of heart. Dad, I have been praying for your job. I’m not worried about it at all. I’m absolutely positive that everything will turn out perfectly well.

So, can I say that I have come to the Promised Land? My new ward is the most amazing place ever. I’m pretty sure that this will be the best change of my entire mission. My new companion is Elder Mace, from England! Sometimes it’s hard for me to understand his British accent so he has to answer me in Spanish. Isn’t it weird that we can communicate better in Spanish than English? Anyways, I’m working on my British accent so if we’re together for a while, I’ll be speaking like a Brit in no time.

The name of my new ward is Mirador, in the stake of Achupallas. It is absolutely amazing. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a Chilean ward run like an American ward. They actually do their executive committee meetings, mission coordination meetings, fill out reports, and the members do their home teaching and visiting teaching visits. It is a dream ward. The bishop is just as focused in baptisms as we are. Our ward mission leader and his wife accompany us almost every day, and the ward members are super excited for missionary work here. The ward recently split so now there are like seventy members attending in a brand new chapel building. It’s gorgeous. We have great leadership, great members, room to grow, and a unified, obedient, and excited companionship. The conditions are absolutely perfect to baptize. I only have four changes left so I will either be here for two changes and another ward for two changes or I will finish my mission here. I told President Gillespie today in my weekly letter that I want to finish my mission here, so we’ll see how that turns out.

Chris…the gringo we were teaching in Vina

On top of amazing members and converts, we have amazing investigators. We have two boys that are in the bishop’s English class at school. They will be getting baptized on the July 2nd. Two university students will be getting baptized on the 9th of July. We also put a baptismal date with a girl named Alexandra yesterday for the 9th. She attended church and loved it. We’ve been working with the Lopez family—a less active father, his wife, and eight year old child who are going to be baptized in July. Two other couples are also going to get married so they can be baptized. If everything goes right we should have six or seven baptisms this change. I can’t explain how excited I am to be here—haha. I wish I had time to describe the situation of each and every member and investigator. It really was a week full of miracles. I already love the members, investigators, and converts. If I could end my mission in any ward, it would be this one.

The week started out very intense. On Thursday morning, the Bishop called us and told us to go to a member’s house right away. We showed up and found out that their fourteen year old child had died due to a sickness and had never recuperated. The mother and daughter were in shock. I had never seen anything like it. Together with the bishop, we gave them both a blessing of comfort. The spirit filled the room like I had never felt before. Both my companion and I were brought to tears as we gave the blessing. I felt so close to this family, even though it was the first time I had ever met them. I felt in that moment, the truthfulness of the plan of salvation and thanked God for the knowledge that we have been given of the life that comes after mortality. What peace and joy we can find in the hardest of times.

Other miracles that we saw this week…finding two families of three! It was amazing to see that when we talk to everyone in the streets, the Lord leads us to those that are ready. Ahhh…I wish I had more time but there’s just no time to explain how awesome this week was. Well, I love you all.

Until next week,
Elder Teeples




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