Troy’s Letter: May 30, 2011

6 06 2011

Sister Barrientos and Me...

Hello family!!!!

It was great to hear from all of you. Sounds like life is pretty interesting back home. I was super excited to hear from Joel as well. I think I miss Joel more than anyone else—sorry mom. But anyways, this week could be my last week in Viña. It’s amazing how time flies. I can’t believe that I arrived here in Viña like over four months ago.

This past week was probably one of my favorite weeks in the mission. It was full of miracles and answered prayers. Actually, it was an amazing week for our entire zone. We doubled our baptismal dates as a zone this week!! On Tuesday Elder Prince and I taught the Zone Class. We were thinking what we could do to get the zone more excited for baptism, so we decided to do something awesome. We totally did a baptism dance for the whole zone—hahaha. It was so awesome. Then we made up this game where they had to call us each time they put a date and if they put two, they would get a prize the next week. So pretty much, everyone was really happy and excited after the class. We all tore it up this week!!

Elder Prince and I finally got the answers to our prayers this week. We have people progressing towards baptism. Eduardo, this awesome guy who lives up in the hills accepted a date and went to church. He said he’s loved everything he’s learned so far. He’s excited to get his family progressing as well. He lives with like nine other people so if the head of the house is down, the whole family usually follows. We are also teaching this twenty year old student named Pedro. He speaks English and he is sooo cool—one of my favorite investigators ever. He really wants to change his life and he is really receptive to the spirit. He went to church yesterday and was explaining all of his feelings to us—everything that he had been waiting for he had found in the church. I felt inspired to invite him right there in the church hall to be baptized the 26th of June and he accepted. It was awesome.

Our Zone

Elder Prince and I taught THE coolest lesson of my entire mission yesterday evening. We taught Chris Lewis and his brother Hans. They’re both from California and they are both like huge, long-haired motorcycle riders—low education and strong mouths—haha. It was SO cool because we taught them the plan of salvation and it turned out to be such an amazing lesson. The spirit was really strong and it was so cool to teach and read scriptures with them in English. I have to admit, it was hilarious seeing these two huge, tough, Californian guys get in touch with their soft side. I felt sooo good to invite them to get baptized in English. I never thought that I would be able to do it in the mission and it happened. I felt amazing. They both accepted the invitation to get baptized. Just think how cool it would be if the two of them got baptized here in Chile!! I love the gospel. One of the coolest things that I realized was that they had the exact same doubts and questions that all Chileans do—and the same spirit and the same scriptures answered the same doubts. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, what language you speak, or what color your skin is, every single person in this planet is a child of God. It was so cool to see that the gospel is taught and helps in the same way in every part of the world. What a phenomenon.

Well, this might be the last week in Viña for me. Next week I will be letting you all know my change, but for the meantime, I’m going to keep working as hard as possible. Even if I leave I want to feel like I did all of could to help the work progress here.

I love you all and I’m excited to hear from you next week.

Elder Teeples




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