Troy’s Letter: June 6, 2011

6 06 2011

The Fredes Family

Hello all!

Happy birthday Savannah—in advance, before I forget. Seventeen years old, that’s absolutely ridiculous! So it was great to hear from you all again. Sounds like life is going on well as usual. I will keep you in my prayers, Dad—for the job, but I’m absolutely positive that everything will turn out fine, or even better than it was before. One thing that I’ve learned on the mission is that God’s ways aren’t our ways and His thoughts aren’t our thoughts. We never know what good can come from a trial.

So, changes are here!! It looks like I’m heading out of Viña. I’m going to Achupallas!!!! Acupallas is like a suburb of Viña so it’s only like half an hour away. I will be zone leader over there with Elder Mace, the only missionary in the mission from England!!! I’m pretty excited for my new change. My new zone will be a lot larger than here in Viña. Elder Mace and I will have seven companionships in the zone and three district leaders. Here we only had two. I heard that my new ward is amazing and I’m really excited to get there, meet the members, and then baptize—haha. I’ll be sad to leave the members, converts, and investigators here in Viña but I’m excited to get to my new sector and learn what the Lord wants me to learn there.

This week was a pretty intense week. Pedro, the twenty year old student, is totally getting baptized on the 26th of June. After going to church the first time last week, he shaved his beard, cut his hair and now he’s preparing to go on a mission. I’m so happy because I will finally be completing one of my goals of the mission—baptizing a future missionary. Sadly, I won’t be here to see his baptism but it’s the Lord’s work, not mine. I got pretty close to him after knowing him for only two weeks. It’s amazing to see the changes that he had in his life all for

Elder Prince and Me with Pedro...An Amazing Future Missionary!

following the spirit. His family is strong Evangelists and always gives him a hard time, but he doesn’t even care. He’s such a great example for me. If he ever goes on a mission, he told me he would tell me where and when. And when that day comes, I’m going to freak out.

One of my favorite experiences from the mission happened during an interchange in Las Torres. I went up there with Elder Schiller, one of our district leaders, and we taught one of his investigators, Teresa. She was attending church but not progressing because she didn’t have a testimony. We taught her with the scriptures how the Holy Ghost answers our prayers and then I said that we were all going to say a prayer. We got down on our knees and one by one (Elder Shiller, myself, her grandson, and Teresa) all said a prayer, asking if the Book of Mormon was true and if she should get baptized. By the time her grandson started praying, Teresa started crying. The spirit was so strong we could have cut it with a knife. Then I said that we were all going to share our feelings afterwards and the spirit testified even stronger. By the time it was Teresa’s turn, in a broken voice she said she knew that the Book of Mormon was true. I invited her to get baptized and she accepted. It was amazing how the spirit touched her heart and changed her desires. What an amazing lesson.

It’s pretty much winter now down here in Viña and rainy season has arrived as well. It rained pretty hard last night and we ended up getting kind of wet—haha. The only type of weather that I don’t like as a missionary is the rain. Somehow it just ruins everything. During the winter, though, everyone always ends up giving us food. Here in Chile they have a lot of food that they make only in the winter. One of them is sopaipillas—delicious tortilla, bread like things which are delicious with jam. There are a couple of things that I will miss when the mission ends, and one of them is the homemade sopaipillas. Well, anyways, it’s time to head out. So when I hear from you next week, I’ll be writing from Achupallas!

Love, Elder Teeples




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