Troy’s Letter: May 23, 2011

23 05 2011

Hey all,

Well, I can’t believe that even more is happening back there—Taryn in the hospital in Alaska, Savannah dominating the ACT, Dad in Arizona…  What a crazy week!  It was great to hear from all of you.  Our week here was pretty normal, but absolutely flew by.  It’s weird to think that there are only two weeks left in this change.

I have really enjoyed being with Elder Prince.  He reminds me so much of Dan Ross—haha.  It’s seriously like being companions with Smooth Dan.  He’s just way chill.  He loves to talk a bunch to me but is kind of timid when it comes to other things.  Overall, it’s been absolutely great.  This week was amazing because of the conference that we had on Tuesday.  We practiced teaching using the spirit and asking inspired questions—something which I will apply in every aspect of my life after the mission.  We ask questions, listen with love and the spirit, discern needs, and then respond using the doctrine.  It’s amazing how my teaching skills have improved lately.  The best part of the conference was a talk that we watched by Elder Holland.  It was a talk he gave in the MTC in January.  He talked about the importance of missionary work and his love for it.  It was just incredibly inspiring.  We all left the conference so excited to get out and work and teach.

The second coolest part of the week was a lesson that we taught yesterday to a guy named Chris Lewis from California.  He’s a straight up American in every way.  He came here to take care of his grandma that is dying.  We ran into him on the street and started talking to him.  We had no idea that he spoke perfect English.  So long story short, we ended up teaching him in English yesterday.  It was so different, so foreign for us.  He is great, though.  It’s such a cool story because he didn’t believe in God before he got to Chile a year ago.  He has had many experiences that have increased his faith in Christ.  God works in amazing ways.  He had to send this man all the way to Chile to prepare him to hear the message of the Restoration.  Now we have to find pamphlets and a Book of Mormon in English to teach him.  This is going to be fun! Haha.

So baptisms-wise, Elder Prince and I are still looking for investigators.  We have found some promising investigators lately but we just have to start helping them to progress.  I know that the Lord has prepared a lot of people here in Viña.  We just have to keep working hard, be patient, and have faith in the promises that have been made.  I know without doubt that we will be led to people who are searching.  We will find people to baptize here.  I love this work and I know it’s true.  I’ve grown more from the hard times than I have from the good-times.  I’ve learned to welcome trials and tribulations because I know that I’m going to be a better person because of them.

All of my four converts here are doing great.  Elizabeth, Cristina, Lidia, and Jenny are all attending regularly and have increasingly strong testimonies.  I love to see that.  Oh by the way—something awesome that I’m sure you will all love.  I don’t know if mom and dad know him, but maybe Taryn and Savannah do.  Do you all remember Austin Lebaron?  A big guy that was in my Student Council class in Fossil Ridge High School during my sophomore year?  Well, I knew that he served here in Chile, but I had no idea that he served here in Viña del Mar!  He even served here in my same ward right now!  I found out when we passed by a less active convert of three years.  I saw the photo of his baptism.  Elder Lebaron was one of the missionaries that baptized him!  How cool—haha.  Anyways, cool story.  What a small world!


Elder Teeples




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