Troy’s Letter: May 16, 2011

22 05 2011

Fractured Fairytale: The Prince and the Pea

Hey family!
It was great to hear from all of you.  I can’t believe how much is happening back there. Taryn is going to Alaska, Savannah is taking her ACT test, dad is going out to get a car, mom’s busy with school, and Emily is graduating.  That is just ridiculous—haha.  It’s amazing how much happens in two years. So this morning has been pretty interesting so far.  Elder Prince and I had to go to the police investigations office to renew our passports and Chilean ID Cards.  Apparently after a year of getting your carnet, you have to renew it.  It’s weird to think that on Wednesday I complete a year and a half in the mission. Weird. But half a year is still a long time and I’m excited for it!!!  I’m excited to use all that I know to be an effective and successful missionary for the rest of my mission.  I’m still completely focused and I’m ready to keep learning and improve every day.  Oh, this morning we went up to JUMBO, an absolutely huge warehouse store that sells imported items from the states. I found crunchy peanut butter!!!  It was like five bucks for a jar though. I also found ROOT BEER!!! Haha—that was absolutely delicious. Needless to say, I ended up spending a lot of money there.

This week was another great week. It was pretty interesting because we didn’t have any meetings, capacitations, or anything.  It was just a whole week to work. Some good things and some not so great things happened. Sadly, we had to drop Jaír because he got really drunk this past week and had a huge ordeal with the police and everything. He didn’t want to go to church either, so we just decided to give him some time. The Guerra family that was amazing pretty much dropped us as well. The mom had a huge project that came up at work and had to work until late every night now for a month.  She told us to call her in a month.  It was a pretty sad day.  But if there’s one thing that I’ve learned in the mission—it’s that the miracles always come right after trials.  I know that a miracle is coming.  We are starting to find a LOT of new investigators. We’ve found twenty-seven new investigators in the past three weeks—more than I found in like two changes with Elder Urbina. So pretty much, we are filling up the teaching pool.  It’s a very good chance that I won’t be here when the people that we’re finding right now get baptized, but I know that it’s not important who baptizes them, just that they get baptized.

On Sunday night, we had a family home evening night in the house of President Gillespie.  It was great.  We brought Elizabeth with us.  There were some other converts from the past year, also.  The office elders were there, too.  They brought an investigator. President Gillespie asked Elder Prince and I to share a short, so we talked about the importance of following the prophet. We had a sweet object lesson, and then we all had brownies and cake (my favorite part). Overall, it was a great night.

Working in Viña has been absolutely wonderful.  It’s has been a very wealthy sector, but I feel like I have learned a lot here.  I still have to say that Coquimbo has been my favorite sector so far; Viña has been a close second. Well, I love you all.  Send lots of pictures Taryn!!

Elder Teeples




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