Troy’s Letter: May 9, 2011

9 05 2011

My companion, Elder Prince...

Hello all!

Long time no talk!  I’m now very self-conscious of how I’m writing.  Thanks for ruining my self-esteem!  I’m not going to worry about it, because I never have much time anyways.  I’ll worry about my English when it counts—but for now I’ve have six more months to speak English how I want- with lots of Spanish mixed in—haha.

This week was another great one.  It passed by flying with lots to do.  We did interchanges this Saturday with a companionship that was really struggling.  I was with Elder Apelo, an elder from Peru that has been struggling with depression.  He was pretty depressed and wanted to just leave and go home.  I dedicated the whole day to sharing my love for the mission and helping him to love it as well.  I feel like it was a successful interchange.  His attitude really improved and the two of them are working better together now.  We also had zone council this past Friday. It was awesome.  I got to see Elder Hughes, Elder Brady, and a bunch of my other friends from up north. President Gillespie was happy with all of us as well.  The mission is progressing; our baptismal numbers increase every month.

On Thursday, our zone had interviews with President Gillespie .  We also had zone class as well. Between zone class, interviews, zone council, interchanges, and Mother’s Day, this week flew by. Elder Prince and I are doing well together.  We had a big disappointment this week with Jaír though.  He hadn’t quit smoking and didn’t go to church either because of work.  We had to drop his baptismal date.

An awesome part of this week, though, was when we taught the Guerra family again.  They accepted the invitation to be baptized and the daughter went to English classes!  It was amazing.  They couldn’t go to church this week because they were in Santiago for Mother’s Day.  We’re excited to see their progress this week.  We are working hard and ready to see miracles.

Well, pretty much everything else I talked about last night on the phone—haha.  I love you all.  It was great to hear from you.

Until next week,

Elder Teeples

Oh and by the way, I know I’m not sending a lot of pictures but recently President Gillespie made a new rule that we can’t carry our cameras during proselyting time because there were a lot of Elders using them in the wrong way and just looking like tourists.  I can only take pictures during like activities and events.  I’ll send home what I take.




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