Troy’s Letter: May 2, 2011

2 05 2011

Our zone shirts that we made...

Hello family!!!

Sounds like a ton is going on over there! Savannah went to prom and Taryn got a car.  What a week—haha. I even heard from Joel!  I’m excited to talk to you all on Sunday!!  Just so you know, I will be calling on Wednesday for like five minutes just to set up the phone call home on Sunday.  We will have like thirty to forty minutes to talk.  It will be the last call home—but a good one!

So I’m absolutely loving Viña. Elder Prince, my new comp, is the complete opposite of Elder Urbina.  He loves to speak English and is a basketball player from California.  I don’t think I could have a more drastic change in companions.  But that’s the awesome thing about the mission…we learn how to adapt to every situation and get along with everyone.  There’s so much that I have learned here that I’m going to apply with my wife and kids.  Elder Prince was amazed over how rich our zone is.  I told him “Welcome to Viña Centro”—haha. So anyways, Jenny and Cristina were confirmed on Sunday!  They were both happy and everything went pretty well.  Jaír is doing well.  He has his baptism interview this week!  I’m so excited for him.  It’s going to be amazing to see the father of this family be baptized.  I kind of want to come back to Chile in a year to see them sealed in the temple.

The zone is exploding!!!!  Our zone had nine baptisms during the month of April.  I think it was a record for Viña since the zone Viña split into two zones like a year ago.  I am extremely content with our progress as a zone.  When I arrived here in February, we had four baptisms.  March we had six baptisms and now in April we’ve had nine.  We have been so blessed.  We have amazing missionaries here, which makes our job easy.  This Friday we have zone council, which will be awesome as well.  I will get to see Elder Brady and Elder Hughes again.  This morning we played five on five basketball with the assistants and five other zone leader companionships.  It was a blast, but now I have a bunch of blisters all over my feet.  It’s hard to walk—haha.

We had an awesome spiritual experience this week.  On Wednesday night we were planning our schedule for Thursday.  We felt strongly that we needed to head over to some apartments.  On Thursday night, when we were over in that area, we prayed to receive direction.  We both felt like we needed to go to a certain building.  We climbed up some stairs and knocked on the first door. Someone yelled from within—“Go away.  We don’t want anything!”  So we started walking downstairs and ended up talking to a woman coming upstairs.  We testified of the Book of Mormon and she invited us to her apartment.  We ended up coming to that same door that yelled at us—haha.  It turned out that it was the mom of the woman that yelled at us.  She looked pretty embarrassed.  We ended up teaching both of them; the family was amazing.  The spirit was really strong and they loved everything we shared.  The mom said she had been looking for peace in her life, and the daughter said that she wasn’t happy with the Catholic religion.  It was amazing.  This was a  testimony of the importance of being guided by the spirit.  Tonight we have a lesson with them and Elizabeth (our convert!) who’s going to accompany us.

The mission is amazing and we still are seeing miracles everyday.  I realize that one day the mission will end, but I’m going to be really depressed when it happens.  I know the church is true.  I know this work is true.  I love you all, and I’ll talk to you on Sunday!

Elder Teeples




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