Troy’s Letter: April 18, 2011

1 05 2011

Hey family,

Your weekend in Vail sounds like it was awesome!  How cool would it be to see Train in an outdoor concert in Vail?  Sounds like Taryn and Savannah are doing well.  I enjoyed the sledding story and hearing about Savannah and Matt going to prom together—hahaha.  Joel emailed too!  Today has been an amazing day, and later we are going to have a BBQ with the zone!  I also got a sweet letter from the Merrill family that told me about their trip to Nicaragua.  The letter was perfect because my companion is from Nicaragua. I read Elder Urbina the letter and he loved it.

Next week we have changes already!  I can’t believe that I’ve already passed three months in Viña, and Elder Urbina is leaving next week.  I have some ideas of who my new comp could be—either one of the district leaders that I think will be moving up to zone leader or it could be an experienced one just moving to Viña.  Either way, I love Viña and I know that we will have an amazing change together. A lot of the members are going to be a little sad when Elder Urbina leaves.  He truly is one of a kind—haha…and definitely, the most interesting comp I’ve had.  Very loving, but very, very sarcastic—haha.

So this week Jenny and Cristina both had their baptism interviews and passed them!  They will be baptized next Sunday right after church.  Two priests from the ward will be baptizing them (to get them excited for their own missions).  They are both really excited and I’m so excited to see the baptism.  Another miracle happened this week.  Jaír accepted another baptismal date!  He has been attending three weeks in a row now and we’ve had some awesome lessons with him.  We found out that he hadn’t been attending before because he had been drinking and smoking.  We made a plan for him to quit, gave him a priesthood blessing, and put a new date for his baptism, May 14th.  He’s progressing well.

The zone is doing awesome and the missionaries are all really excited.  It looks like we are going to pass our goal of seven baptisms in April. We are going to have either eight or nine.  Elder Urbina and I were so excited that we planned a BBQ today and we are going to bring a cake—haha.  Let me share a funny story that happened this past week—Elder Urbina and I were planning our week, when suddenly a member (a little crazy) called us because she was out of town.  She wanted us to water her snails! We laughed all week long.  And we ran into her in the street three days later and she had her snails with her! She showed them to us and told us how she “rescued them” and is caring for them.  They had a little house with lettuce and water and everything—hahaha.  It was very hard not to laugh.

This week we also had conference for the zones in the coast.  At the end, there was a huge scripture chase and Valparaíso ended up winning it all.  I absolutely love memorizing scriptures now.  I have twenty of the twenty-three scriptures from lesson one memorized and am going to start memorizing lesson two’s scriptures.  I have developed a love for the scriptures here on the mission.  My favorite part of every day is study time in the morning.  I feel like I can destroy the doctrine of any other church using just the bible—haha.  The only lame part is that I’m going to have to memorize everything all over again in English when I get home.  But oh well….

I love you all,
Elder Teeples




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