Troy’s Letter: April 11, 2011

17 04 2011

The forests of our zone

Hey family!

Wow, Taryn is done with her first year of college.  How crazy is that?  And pretty soon she will be entering in her third semester! More time than I have been in college!  How crazy—haha. It’s ridiculous how time flies. Next Monday will be my 1 year 5 month mark.  It’s a little scary how time just slips by. Please tell Joel that I haven’t heard from him in a long time now.  I’ve even emailed him a couple of times.  I’m sad to hear about Grandpa Keyser.  The best part is that we all know where he will eventually be going and that we will see him again.  Isn’t the plan of salvation amazing?  It gives us such peace in such troubled times.  I love Alma 40.

So, Elder Urbina will be headed to Nicaragua in just two weeks… but I have to admit, he’s stayed very focused and almost never talks about his house.  This was another good week, full of interchanges.  Actually, I was out of my sector almost the whole week!  Pretty much, my whole week was focused on Moroni 10:7.  God works through us according to our faith.  So we can see the miracles and bring others to repentance only if we first exercise faith.  A faithless missionary is a useless missionary, basically—haha.  Our zone is doing exceptionally well for the month of April.  It looks like we are going to reach or pass our goal of seven baptisms, but now we have to start thinking about May and June.  The goal of Elder Urbina and I was to do a bunch of interchanges, energize, and strengthen the hope and faith of the entire zone to find people for May.  We want to be consistent missionaries, reaching goals every month.  We don’t want to baptize our whole pool of investigators and then have to look all over again.  We are constantly planting seeds, caring for them, and then harvesting.

Perhaps my favorite interchange of the whole mission was on Saturday, in Chorrillos.  A companionship has had problems finding and teaching there so I went over with the senior companion, Elder Guerrero.  When we planned the night before, we made a goal of finding four new investigators.  We worked like crazy and didn’t find anyone during the day, just one older woman.  But we didn’t give up and had a bunch of faith.  We worked with members, asked for references, passed by futures, talked to everyone in the street and everything.  At the very end of the night, we had like twenty minutes left and we found a family of three and taught them, completing our goal of four.  It was amazing to see the miracle and both of us were amazed at what happens when we leave the house with faith in Christ and in our mission.

The work has been going well in our sector as well.  Christina and Jenny are both progressing well and have their baptism interviews this Saturday.  We should have two baptisms on Elder Urbina’s last weekend in the mission!  I hope I end my mission baptizing—haha.  My favorite part of the week was the new family we found!!!! I was so happy.  Elder Urbina had put up a stand in the street offering pictures of Christ and had gotten the direction of a family.  We passed by on Friday and they were so happy to see us!  They accepted everything and we have another meeting with them tomorrow at 4:00! It’s a married couple with children.  The parents are called Raul and Rosa. I’m really excited for them.  They are golden.

This week should be another awesome week.  We have the conference in the South on Thursday, and then we are going to have a zone barbeque this coming Monday.  Well, it was great to hear from all of you like always.  This coming month will be my last phone call home!

I love you all,

Elder Teeples




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