Troy’s Letter: April 4, 2011

16 04 2011

Elder Urbina and me in Vina del Mar

Hey family!!!!

FORT COLLINS IS GETTING A TEMPLE!!!!  How amazing is that? Missionary work is going to triple now in Fort Collins!  So here in the mission, they have a special room set apart so all of the missionaries from the states can hear the conference in English.  As we were listening and President Monson announced the first temple, I accidentally gasped/yelled really loud—haha.  I never would have thought that a temple would be built in Fort Collins.  Everyone congratulated me.  My companion was happy for me but a little depressed because he lives a 2-day’s journey away from the nearest temple.  He has to travel from Nicaragua to Guatemala.  He told me, “Well, it looks like we are still a very wicked people.”  Hahaha.  I love Elder Urbina, but it’s amazing to think of how huge of a blessing it will be to have a temple so close when others have to make so much sacrifice to get there.

There were many talks that I really liked. Elder Holland is seriously one of the most powerful persons ever.  It’s amazing how he can combine such love and spirit with such justice.  He seriously reminds me of a modern day Captain Moroni—“a man of perfect understanding.”  Some talks that I loved were Elder Oak’s talk on desire, Elder Bendar’s talk on personal revelation, and Elder Uchtforf’s talk on acting and being.  I love all of the speakers, but Elder Holland, Bednar, and Uchtdorf always seem to be my favorites.  I came into the conference with the question of how can I be a better instrument for the Lord.  My answer was obvious: focus my desires, be aware of personal revelation, and act what I teach.  It seemed pretty obvious as well that we need to get married soon after the mission—haha.  We were all laughing when we heard for the third time that return missionaries need to get married as soon as possible.  President Gillespie was so happy to hear that because he always preaches about the importance of getting married after the mission.  He even makes “a getting married plan” with every missionary that leaves.  So it looks like I will be getting married soon after the mission—with who, I have no idea—haha.

So this week we weren’t able to work very much  On Tuesday we had leadership meetings.  Friday we had Zone Leader Council, and Saturday and Sunday were the General Conference sessions.  This week absolutely flew by with so much to do. It was a good week though.  I learned a lot about how to better my teachings and leave every morning with an attitude of faith and excitement.  I’m excited to teach our zone everything we learned in Zone Council.  We were able to teach a little bit to investigators as well.  Our two converts are doing wonderfully; Elizabeth and Lidia both went to conference and loved it. Cristina and Jenny both have baptismal dates for th3 23rd of April (my companions last weekend in the mission) and are both progressing really well.  We are really excited for the two of them.  They both went to conference and liked it. We are still working a lot with Jaír.  He couldn’t go this weekend because of work but we are praying that he will be able to be baptized in the month of April.  Moisés has had difficulties lately.  He has been tied down a lot because of work and his wife is holding him back…so we are praying a lot for him. This week will be a deciding week for him.  Meanwhile, this week we are just going to find, find, and find some more.

This morning we played soccer with the zone and I absolutely loved it.  I love the mission.  This week was full of the spirit and Elder Urbina and I feel really blessed. He only has three weeks left in the mission so I am doing everything possible to help him to finish strong and reach his goals.  It’s like Elder Uchtdorf said in conference: “Many answers come not when we are on our knees, but when we are on our feet, actively helping others.”  When we lose ourselves for the benefit of others is when we are blessed the most.

I love you all,
Elder Teeples




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