Troy’s Letter: March 28, 2011

28 03 2011

Lidia's Baptism...

Hey family!

It’s great to hear that you are all doing well—there were some very interesting letters this week.  I thoroughly enjoyed Taryn’s story about getting away without writing a history paper—haha.  Awesome!  Can you believe that your first year of college is basically over?  How crazy is that?  How fast does time fly by?

This was another awesome week, with a huge miracle as well.  First of all, Lidia was baptized!  We were hoping that a member could baptize her.  We couldn’t get a hold of the bishop all week, though, so I ended up baptizing her.  It was a great service and the spirit was very strong.  She was so happy after she was baptized. I absolutely love baptizing.  There’s no feeling like being an instrument to help someone receive the remission of sins.

We had an awesome stake activity this week—well actually a double stake activity.  All of the young men from the Viña del Mar and the Achupallas Stakes were called on “mini-missions” for one day.  It was awesome.  Elder Urbina and I and the zone leaders from Achupallas and Viña Oeste hosted a mini MTC for around seventy young men in the morning.  We taught them how to do contacts in the street, knock on doors, give Book of Mormons, etc.  Then we had a lunch in the chapel and the young men went on splits with the missionaries from Viña, Viña Oeste, and Achupallas.  The deacons put up stands in the plazas, gave out paintings, and asked for directions. It was an amazing activity and energized all of the young men to serve their own missions.  I did splits with a priest and a deacon from another ward of the stake and it was amazing to see their energy to talk to everyone and their blind faith—haha.  It reminded me of the start of my mission.

Our other investigators are doing really well, all except Moisés.  Cristina went to church again and is really excited for her baptism on the 23 of April—Elder Urbina’s last day in the mission.  We also had Jenny, a 16-year-old nephew of a family that attended… and Jaír!  Jaír attended!  We were completely not expecting it at all; it was a miracle because we had completely dropped him like two weeks ago.  We said that we were just going to give him some time and see if he had a change of heart.  He showed up! Hopefully he is ready to be baptized now.  We have a meeting with him tonight. Moisés had had a really tough week and a lot of problems with work and with his wife.  We’re going to see what happens this week, but we have him in our prayers.  It was amazing because he accepted a baptismal date for the 16th of April, but right after he accepted it, he had so many trials and problems.  It’s amazing how Satan attacks those who are trying their hardest to come closer to Christ.

My Museum Find...

Our zone is doing absolutely amazing.  We are progressing really well.  We have doubled our baptismal dates of the zone in just two weeks!  The missionaries are doing great and have a lot of excitement for the work.  My vision of the mission has changed so much as a zone leader. I now see the mission in a completely different light with a completely different perspective.  I now work with more numbers, logistics, relations with members, stake presidents, trainings, and other things.  Before, my whole mission was focused on the spirit and the investigators.  But now it’s a whole new thing—a lot of my excitement now comes from the success of other missionaries in the zone, because it helps us reach our goal as a zone. I now have a new knowledge that I didn’t have before.  I understand now how the mission works.  For the first time I feel like an experienced, knowledgeable, capable missionary. I can feel a change because a lot of my happy-go-lucky excitement that I had before is turning into experience and understanding.

I’m so excited for conference this week!  It’s going to be awesome to hear the messages of the prophets, seers, and revelators after so many natural disasters and occurrences have happened.  We watched a movie with investigators of the life of Thomas S. Monson.  It is amazing what he has accomplished in his life.  Well, times up but I love you all.  I’m excited to hear from you this coming week!


Elder Teeples




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