Troy’s Letter: March 21, 2011

21 03 2011

The Santiago Temple

Hello all!

It was great to hear from you.  The pictures from Rome looked awesome! It made me want to travel to Rome after the mission.  I’m sure that was such an amazing experience. So, this week was pretty sweet.  The best part was that we got to go to the temple on Saturday!

The week was pretty crazy.  On Tuesday, Elder Urbina and I coordinated all of the changes for the missionaries in the South.  There were about one hundred missionaries coming and going—haha.  Then on Thursday, we had a zone meeting where we all presented ourselves and then we talked about the importance of working with the members.  Later in the afternoon, we did interchanges with the assistants, which went pretty well.  On Saturday, we went to the temple with the youth, a few youth leaders, the bishop, and the converts over the last two years. It was amazing!  It was so fun—it was just like youth temple trips growing up.  On the way home from the temple we even stopped at McDonalds like we do in the states—haha.  Elizabeth, our convert, bought us Big Macs.  We took a huge tour bus that left the chapel at around eleven in the morning.  It was a two hour drive to the temple in Santiago.  The funniest thing was that we saw President Gillespie and his wife in McDonalds in Santiago!  It was amazing to go to the temple again.  It’s been over a year since I’ve been in the Provo temple.  It felt so good to enter and feel that incomparable peace.  There’s nothing like seeing your converts go to the temple.  Oh! In the temple I ran into Elder Cummings, who is in the Santiago West mission.  We were in the same zone at the MTC.  It was great to see him again.

Our temple trip to Santiago

Our investigators are all doing pretty well. Moisés was pretty sick this week.  He couldn’t make it to church, which was a bummer.  Lidia and Cristina are both doing really well. Lidia is going to be baptized on Saturday!  We printed a bunch of invitations and the ward is pretty excited.  It’s amazing to see how fast she has progressed and how prepared she really was when we found her.  We found her only three or four weeks ago and she is already getting baptized.  It’s amazing how the Lord prepares the hearts of the people here.

I really am starting to like the ward here in Viña.  It’s the first time I’ve been in a ward so large with so many members.  It’s seriously like being in the states again.  It’s amazing the difference between the zone of Viña and the zone of Ovalle—haha.  I love the ward because everything just works smoothly here.  The leaders actually have and go to their meetings.  The members do their visiting teacher and home teacher visits.  They accompany us to investigator lessons and the lunches here are amazing—haha.  Right now, I’m in the largest and richest ward of the whole mission—haha…so the lunches are absolutely huge and delicious…salads, chicken, meat, potatoes, rice, fish, and lots of ice cream.

I’m also starting to run in the morning with the office Elders.  Hopefully I can lose the ten pounds that I’ve gained in Chile—haha.

I love you all,

Elder Teeples




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