Troy’s Letter: March 7, 2011

7 03 2011

Sunset in Vina del Mar

Hey family!

I can’t believe Savannah is going to Italy!  And Taryn is almost done with her first year at college!  What happened with this year?  I feel like it was yesterday when I heard that Taryn got accepted to BYU Hawaii and she was so excited to pack all of her things for college.  Now she will be at Provo—how crazy.  It’s good to hear that Joel is doing well.  Tell him that he needs to email me stat!  Al tiro!  (Right away!)  It’s great to hear that Grandpa Keyser and Grandpa Nolder are both doing well.  I’ve kept them both in my prayers.  Grandpa Keyser really is like the energizer bunny—haha.

So, this week was pretty awesome.  It flew by amazingly fast.  Next week we have changes, again!  I feel like every day passes by faster than the next.  My first change felt like a life time.  My second change was still really long, but a little faster.  Then the changes started passing by faster and faster.  Now a change feels like a week for me.  I feel like I wake up and we have changes again—haha.  I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure that Elder Urbina and I will be staying together for this upcoming change.  It will be Elder Urbina’s last and my 11th change.  I’m pretty positive that I will be Elder Urbina’s last companion.  That should be an interesting experience.

Our pension in Vina

Dad…to answer your question about how the mission is organized, there are fourteen zones in the mission.  Each zone has two zone leaders.  The zone leaders are always companions, so they are always co-companions and co-zone leaders.  Each zone also has, on average, two district leaders as well, but they aren’t companions.  Each district leader is a senior companion and has a regular junior companion.  The district leader presides over two or three other companionships.  The zone leaders preside over the district leaders and their districts.  There are also two assistants to the President.  They travel all over the mission with President Gillespie to help out and teach each zone.

So that’s a little bit about how the mission works.  Here’s how our week went.  We found an absolutely awesome lady—super prepared and ready.  Her name was Lídia.  She has the craziest story ever.  She lived with her husband and had four kids.  Her husband was an owner of a huge construction company, so they were pretty well off.  But their kids turned out pretty badly; her four kids killed their father to gain control of the company,  They now have lawyers claiming that Lidia is crazy, so they can have all of the rights of the company.  On top of that, Lidia has cancer.  Can you believe how heartless her kids are?  But anyways, she is so humble.  It’s amazing.  We found her and taught her the first lesson and she accepted the invitation to be baptized right away.  She went to church yesterday and loved it.  She ran into some good friends that she knows and is so excited to get baptized.  It’s amazing how the Lord prepares his children and leads us to them.  

We also found a guy named Moises.  He is seriously a future stake president.  We taught him only one time for twenty minutes and we left him with a pamphlet.  We passed by later and he told us that he couldn’t get the idea that there is a prophet in these days out of his head.  I testified a little bit and we left him with a Book of Mormon and invited him to read and pray to find out if it was true.  He did it that very day and when we came back he explained to us the entire first lesson.  He then bore his testimony of the truth of it.  And we didn’t even teach him anything!  He is so amazing.  I’m so excited to see his progress.

We also had zone conference this week.  All of the zone leaders from the whole mission came down to Viña.  President Gillepsie taught us about the importance of working with members and additional things that we needed to communicate to our zones.  It was great to see Elder Hughes and Elder Brady and a bunch of others.  Guess what?  Elder Batty and Elder Bohorquez, two of my old comps, are both finishing their mission this coming week.  How crazy!  And every missionary that dies in the mission, sleeps in our massive pension their last night before the plane ride—so the two of them will be over in our pension next week!

Well, there’s a lot more to write but I have little time.  I love you all,

Elder Teeples

Oh and by the way, Elder Hughes told me that Elder Arredondo and his new comp baptized Margarita and Bladimir!!!!!  How cool is that?  I saw the photos.  I was sad I couldn’t be there, but I love hearing that my investigators get baptized later!




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