Troy’s Letter: February 28, 2011

28 02 2011

Elder Urbina and me...

Hello All!

Another week has come and left.  I can’t believe we are entering March tomorrow!  And it’s great to hear that Taryn got accepted to BYU!  I know that she will love it.  It will be cool going to the same college, too—haha.  I was really upset about what happened to Grandpa but I will keep him in my prayers.

So Elizabeth is doing great but Jaír didn’t go to church again this week.  His wife and kids attend regularly.  We have taught and shared everything we could think of to get him to come to church. He always says that he will, but sadly never follows through.  We just have to pray and realize that everyone has their free agency.  This week was a pretty regular week, full of finding, finding, and more finding—haha.  Our teaching pool was pretty empty when we started the week, so we dedicated like ninety percent of everyday to straight up finding.  We did everything we could think of—tours of the church, giving out cards, photos, talking with everyone in the street, working with members, knocking on doors, and more.  And the best part is that it worked! We found nine new investigators this week—like two new families that show a lot of promise.  I’m really excited to see their progress.

I really love being in Viña because we get to see tourists from everywhere.  People speak all languages in the street.  Elder Urbina and I love to guess the language that they speak haha.  So I learned something really this week as well.  One of the missionaries in our zone, Elder Smith, is the cousin of Andrew Pappas!  I don’t know if you remember him, but he was Brenica’s boyfriend for like three years—haha.  Isn’t that crazy?!  I did an interchange with Elder Smith.  He is a convert of only a year, even though he’s from Utah.  He told me that he had cousins in Fort Collins—what a small world! But anyways, that interchange was one of the craziest interchanges that I have ever had.  Elder Smith and I uncovered a secret gang of thieves—haha!  We were in centro waiting for someone from the ward and we saw a group of men selling jewelry in the street.  We heard all of this whistling from random places and figured out what it all meant.  They had guys on both sides of the street and one guy signaled and then they all booked it!  Then five minutes later, they came back and there was this guy across the street waving a white banner, signaling that the coast was clear.  So crazy!  And we uncovered it all!  We could pick out the people in the street that were in the gang, but no one else had any idea of what was going on.  It was awesome—haha.

Our zone is doing absolutely awesome.  We are way stoked for March.  We have high hopes.  With a lot of work and faith, we are going to beat our goal as a zone of nine baptisms in March.  I really have enjoyed being zone leader.  The best part is that we have zone council this week again.  I get to see Elder Suazo, Elder Brady, Elder Case, and Elder Hughes again.  I’m stoked for this coming week.  I absolutely love the mission.  Have an awesome week.  I love you all!

Elder Teeples




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