Troy’s Letter: January 24, 2011

24 01 2011

Hey family!

It was great to hear from you all.  This week has been awesome!  I’m glad to hear that you tried Pastel de Choclo—haha, and yes it usually has eggs and olives in it too.  I got my package with the picture art book today.  Thanks that’s going to help a ton!  So I can’t believe it but we have changes this week coming up!  I will be entering my tenth out of sixteen changes.  How crazy!  This week was amazing.  First of all, Luis and Nicole got baptized!  The service was great and the spirit was really strong.  We had a bunch of members show up for the baptism and the branch is getting really stoked for missionary work now. Elder Arredondo baptized Nicole and I baptized Luis.  It was so funny to see how happy Elder Arredondo was.  He was like a little kid on Christmas, so happy and nervous for his first baptisms—haha.  I feel like I have been overly blessed, seeing as Nicole and Luis were my 17th and 18th baptisms here in Chile.  The next day in church Elder Arredondo confirmed Luis and I confirmed Nicole.  It was a great Sunday, full of miracles.

My favorite part was that Guillermo, the return missionary who was reactivated and baptized his wife Vanessa, now received a calling to teach the Gospel Principles class for the investigators.  It was the first week that we had a member teaching the class.  It couldn’t have gone better.  It’s so awesome to see when priesthood holders are reactivated, hold a calling, and then continue to bless their families and become an eternal family.  I’m really hoping that I can go to the temple with them next November, right before my mission ends, to see them sealed in the temple as a family.

Our branch president in Ovalle

Some more miracles for this week…we now have two investigators that are almost completely ready for their baptisms in February: Margarita and Bladimir. Margarita already has good friends in the church.  She also went to the baptism, went to church, and loved it all.  She told me that she can’t wait for her baptism now – music to a missionary’s ears—haha.  Then we put a baptismal date with Bladimir, who is absolutely amazing.  He is almost deaf but LOVES the church.  He has attended three times and can’t hear a thing.  Even with this handicap, he cried a few times because of the spirit that he feels.  He lives close by but actually spends all of his time in the house of Luis and Nicole.  We taught him there. It was one of my favorite lessons of my entire mission.  He can’t hear so we had to invite him to get baptized by writing it down.  So I wrote down the words, “Do you want to get baptized?”  He read it and responded yes.  Then I wrote down the words “We are preparing a baptismal service the 19th of February.  Will you prepare to get baptized on that day?”  He responded yes, very excitedly.  The coolest and perhaps one of the most spiritual lessons ever, and not a word was said.  So cool.  We have to teach him with pure scriptures, pamphlets and extending commitments by writing it down.  So, so cool.

Elder Arredondo and I have been working extremely hard this week.  I have a feeling that I will be transferred this coming week so I have been doing everything possible to leave this sector completely ready for future baptisms for Elder Arredondo and his next companion.  I absolutely love my comp, my converts, and the members here.  I will be sad to leave if that moment comes this week, but content because I know that the ward is doing a lot better than before.

Well, that’s about it. Sorry I didn’t send pictures.  I have a ton but this computer doesn’t recognize my memory card.  Next week I will try to send them all.  I love you all so much and happy to hear that everything is well.


Elder Teeples




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