Troy’s Letter: January 17, 2011

17 01 2011

Guillermo and Vanessa with their family

Hey family!

It was great to hear from all of you.  I can’t believe that tomorrow I will complete 14 months in the mission.  Isn’t that crazy?  Sometimes at night, I start to cry when I think about the day that I have to take down the plaque.  It just gets me even more stoked to work harder and do everything that I can during these two short years that I have here in Chile.

Mom, some plates that I like here in Chile are Pastel de Choclo, Pastel de Papa, and casuela.  But the food is pretty much the same here.  There are some differences but basically it’s a lot of rice and chicken.  My favorite food here is a completo: a hot dog on steroids—haha.

So this week was amazing!!  We had the leadership meeting in COQUIMBO this week.  So on Thursday and Friday I was down in Coquimbo with all of the leaders from the north.  It was absolutely amazing to learn from President Gillespie about the true doctrine of Christ.  Then we did practices about learning how to follow the spirit, ask inspired questions, and use the scriptures.  I learned a lot and I’m really excited to apply everything that I learned here in Ovalle.  The best part of the meeting was that it was in Coquimbo!  I saw the Encina family there—one of the families from my old ward.  I about died.  I was so happy.  Then on our way back to the bus to Ovalle, I ran into Silvana! Carolina’s mom!  She was so happy she thought she was never going to see me again.  It was such an awesome day.  I talked to her and asked her how the family was doing.  They are all still very active, and now Carolina’s sister and friend are being baptized!  It’s so good to hear that your converts are active and happy.

I got back to Ovalle and Elder Arredondo and I finished off the week strong.  Nicole and Luis both had their baptism interviews and passed!  They are both being baptized this Saturday.  We are working with the ward to plan out the baptism well. I’m so excited for Elder Arredondo as well.  It’s so great that he gets to baptize in his first change.  It will get him stoked to baptize during the whole mission.

Lately, as a mission, we have been focusing on becoming more like Christ and developing Christ-like attributes.  I have really been praying for and focusing on charity for everyone.  As I have studied and pondered charity, I’ve realized that every law, every commandment, every impression, every scripture, every answer to a prayer, everything that comes from God…all boils down to charity.  As we develop and gain charity, we become more like Him.  We come to want what He wants, and feel as He feels.  What a glorious gift.

As time winds down in the mission, I feel an overwhelming drive to work harder and do better.  I don’t want to waste a second of my time.  I want to be the most powerful instrument I can be right now.  I will never again have the same authority and calling that I do now.  I feel like I can speak now with a confidence and authority that I have never had before.  I am completely focused and excited.  How great is my calling!

I love all of you,

Elder Teeples




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