Troy’s Letter: December 27, 2010

30 12 2010

The Boyd Family in Ovalle

Hey everyone!

It was great to talk to all of you.  I almost thought we weren’t going to get to talk—haha.  But just like everything else in life, everything turned out fine.  It looks like not much has changed back home.  Everyone sounds the exact same.  Actually, it was a little weird how normal it was talking.  I felt like it had only been a couple weeks since we had talked last.  How fast has the time passed by?  I also want to thank everyone for the gifts.  Thanks for the shirts, socks, ties, music, books, and everything else.  Please thank Grandma and Grandpa Nolder for the card.  It really meant a lot to me.

Well this week was sweet. We didn’t have much time to work with all of the activities going on but I still really, really enjoyed the week.  On Tuesday, all of the changes went down.  Elder Vargas was transferred to Quillota, and all of the new Elders showed up here.  On Wednesday morning, we had to wake up at around 4:30 a.m. to make it to the conference on time in La Sarena.  The Christmas Conference was sweet.  I got to see Elder Lloyd, my first “son.”  He told me about everyone in Coquimbo.  I was really excited to hear that Igor received the priesthood!  It was so good to see everyone there. We all ate together and then watched a Christmas movie with the President and his wife.  It was a great time.  On Christmas Eve, we sang Christmas carols in the main streets of Ovalle as a zone.  It was awesome.  A lot of people stopped just to listen.  We had a lot of referrals.

On Christmas, everything was like normal.  We studied and then went to a zone activity.  We ate together, watched a Christmas movie, and then headed out to sing at an orphanage.  Here in Chile and in South America, they celebrate Christmas the twenty-fourth instead of the twenty-fifth.  They eat dinner together as a family around eight or nine at night, and then they all stay up and open their Christmas presents at midnight.  On Christmas day, they don’t really do anything—haha.

Nicole and her mom both went to church yesterday and really liked it.  Nicole is progressing really well, but Luis didn’t go to church.  Since they have to attend three times before getting baptized, we had to move both of their baptism dates to January 22nd so they can get baptized together.  We are praying that Luis can gain the same testimony and desires that Nicole has.  I have no doubt that we are going to see miracles with him.  We also have been finding really good new investigators lately.  Elder Arredondo and I found a woman named Macarena that lives alone.  She is progressing really well.  We have a lot of hope for her. 

Elder Arredondo tells me that the hardest part of the mission is keeping up with my walking pace.  Sometimes he has to jog to keep up with me—haha.  But he’s super humble and really willing to work and learn.  I know we are going to have an awesome change together.  It’s such a blessing to be with him.  It’s really interesting—I’ve had the opportunity to train a gringo who knew no Spanish and now a Latino.  Now instead of focusing on teaching the language or the culture, I can focus on teaching how to follow the spirit and work intelligently.  It’s a completely different experience training this time.  It’s amazing how each missionary has specific needs, strengths, and weaknesses and still the Lord molds each and every one of us to be the missionary that He wants us to be.

I know this work is true and that the church is true.  I know that the Lord loves each and every one of us and I love Him.  I find so much joy in His work!

Elder Teeples




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