Troy’s Letter: December 20, 2010

21 12 2010

Our study table decorated for Christmas...

Hey family!

It was awesome to hear from you all again!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  I hope you all have an amazing Christmas, and I hope it snows there, too.  It sure isn’t going to snow here anytime soon.  I’m sorry to hear that Taryn was sick, but I’m sure she will be feeling better soon.  I’m praying for Grandpa as well, and I know that everything will go well with his treatments.  Please thank Grandpa Keyser and the Tyler’s for the money.  I think out of everyone, I will miss Sparky the most this Christmas.  Haha!  I’m sorry, I just had to say it.  But, I’m super stoked to talk with you all on Saturday!  I will be calling on Wednesday or Thursday to let you know what number to call and at what time on Christmas.  It will be in the afternoon here, like after five, so I don’t know what time it will be there.  We will have thirty to forty minutes.

To be honest, besides calling home, it doesn’t feel like Christmas to me at all—haha.  I just get more excited everyday to work and find people.  This week, as a zone, we went to an orphanage.  We sang Christmas carols, gave out candies, and talked to all of the kids.  It was funny watching them ask in amazement what country we all were from.  We had missionaries from Chile, Peru, Mexico, Canada, and different states from the US.  On Christmas, we will be eating with the zone and we are going to watch a movie and play card games and stuff until around 5:00 p.m.  Then we get to go work again!  My goal is to put a baptismal date with a family on Christmas.  What better Christmas present could there be?

We got our changes! Elder Vargas is leaving.  I will be missing him a lot but I know that he is going to tear it up in Quillota with his new companion.  So on Sunday night, the assistants called and it looks like I will be training… again!  Haha.  My second son!  I’m excited to see who it will be.  I will also be continuing as district leader as well; this change should be absolutely amazing.  I’m mostly excited because Elder Brady.   He is coming to Ovalle!!!  I will be together with my two best friends in the mission, Elder Brady and Elder Hughes.  Elder Brady will also be the other district leader.  Ovalle is going to go crazy!!  This place is going to sky rocket. I can just feel it.

Ian baptized Mauri!

This week was full of miracles as well.  For one thing, Mauri was baptized!  The baptism was good.  We got Ian, a seventeen year old, to baptize Mauri.  This was awesome.  Ian is now super stoked for his own mission and the Boyd family now has a strong tie to the branch.  We found three families this week!  Two of them are families of six with four boys and married parents!  Miracles.  We are also teaching a family and Nicole, twenty-two years old, accepted a baptismal date for the fifteenth of January.  We will be working a lot with that family now.  We are working hard.  With the Spirit, we are being guided towards the families that are ready and waiting.  I have no doubt that the Lord’s hand is in our work and that He guides us each and every day to where we need to go. Finding, teaching and baptizing.  What more could I ask for Christmas?

I love you all…until Saturday,

Elder Teeples




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28 12 2010

Hey buddy, glad to hear you’re doing well. I hope you had a Merry Christmas! I can’t believe you’ve been gone over a year! Things are going well back home, Caitlin went to India last week and will be gone for 6 months! She is working for a non-profit over there, and is really excited. Its almost my birthday, so I’m pretty pumped about that. Dan is doing well, living with some really chill guys and killin it at CSU. I haven’t talked to Mike, he moved in with Sam Kivedra haha and has dropped off the radar a bit. Lacrosse is going well, I started last season and am going to start again this spring! Who knew a Colorado boy could start D1? Anyway, I’m glad you’re havin fun, we all love you and hope your last 11 months goes as well as the first 13!


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