Troy’s Letter: December 13, 2010

13 12 2010

Hey family!

Once again, it was good to hear from everyone.  I can’t believe I’m sitting here again writing and another week has gone by. To be honest, it really doesn’t feel like the holidays for me—haha.  We are still doing the same thing as always.  This Friday, though, our zone is visiting, singing, and bringing presents to an orphanage in our sector.  It should be a good time.

So this week was sweet.  Mauri had his baptismal interview!  He passed on Saturday and is being baptized this coming Saturday.  Last night he asked me to baptize him, so looks like I will be baptizing him.  We wanted a 16-year-old member to do it—to get him stoked for his mission, but Mauri said that he wanted me to…so, oh well—haha.  This Saturday will also be my thirteenth month mark—weird.  We are finally finding new families that are starting to progress.  We have faith that we are going to find even more this coming week. We are dedicating this week to finding, finding, and more finding.  Our sector is super small, but I just know that there are families waiting for us here that can be baptized in January.  We just have to be obedient and plan and find with the spirit and we will be guided towards them.  We went to Punitaqui this week again.  Not much is happening there, so I don’t think that the President is going to send missionaries there again anytime soon.

I do love Ovalle, though.  The sun is very strong here, and I’ve got a pretty intense watch tan line—haha.  And to answer your question, Mom—during P-Day we always play soccer as a zone in the morning, then the internet, and then eat out at a small restaurant in the center of Ovalle.  Afterwards, we shop, study, and head out to work.

I’m starting to get close to the super small branch we’ve got here.  On Saturday, we had our ward talent show!  In Chile, people have a problem with being punctual—so instead of starting at six, it started at like seven.  It turned out really well, though.  Many of less actives went and we found some new investigators as well. There was a lot of dancing and singing.  There was a mime and a Karate show. I hosted and presented with the microphone—haha.  Our Branch President was super stoked and is excited for us to plan another event.  He asked Elder Vargas and I to speak in Sacrament Meeting, so yesterday we spoke on charity and missionary work.  It turned out great and the ward is getting way closer and super stoked for the work.

I can’t believe that we already have changes this coming week.  It’s most likely that I will stay here and Elder Vargas will leave.  This is his third change here.  I’m excited to see who my new comp will be.  I’m going to miss Elder Vargas a lot.  We have had a lot of good times and good laughs together.  He teaches me all of the Mexican slang and I teach him English.

So calling home will be a lot like how I did it Mother’s Day.  I will call home on the 22nd for just five minutes to give you all the number and time to call me here—probably in a member’s house on Christmas or Christmas Eve.  We will have thirty to forty minutes.  I’m really excited to talk to you all.  It will be nice to talk in English—haha.

Also, if you could send me The Gospel Art Book (The flipbook with all of the paintings) to use it in lessons, that would be awesome. Thanks!  By the way, the Bible and the present from the Jensen’s arrived.  I loved the talks by John Bytheway!  I listen to them every morning during breakfast.

I love you all,
Elder Teeples




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