Troy’s Letter: December 6, 2010

6 12 2010

Over the desert and on the road...

Hey family!

Great to hear from everyone.  I can’t believe Taryn already has finals from her first semester.  I feel like it was last week when she was so bored during the summertime, waiting for the time to come to go to Hawaii.  And Savannah, you are just embarrassing—haha.  I’m stoked to talk to all of you guys in 19 days!  I keep forgetting that it’s Christmas time, until we enter a house and there’s a Christmas Tree there.  It’s so hot though—I think all of the Christmas Trees are melting here—haha.  Everyone we meet always asks me what it’s like to have a Christmas during the winter—and with snow.  The little kids never understand why in the movies it’s always wintertime during Christmas—haha.  We have been listening to the Christmas CDs.  I love them.  Elder Vargas says thanks, too.  He’s enjoying them.  Also, the Reese’s’ no- bake desert you sent me was probably the most delicious thing I have tasted in a year.  Please send 17 more!  Dad I pulled a bunch of money out of the debit card.  Thanks, I bought shoes and I still have to send a package home of stuff I’ve got from members and everything that doesn’t fit in my suitcases.

It was another awesome week with Elder Vargas here in Ovalle Norte.  Alright so some more stuff about our sector….there’s not a lot of people that live here and it’s really spread out.  We do a lot of walking here through the desert.  To get out to Nilda’s house, it’s like a half hour backpacking trip—haha.  Our chapel here is huge, even though only about 60 people come every week.  The majority of our members are grandparents…and sometimes they don’t get along very well.  We often have to settle down people or settle frustrations.

Nilda's baptism...

President Gillespie asked us to go out to Punitaqui, a small town that was shut down to the missionaries about three months ago.  He wants us to go there about twice a week and scope it out.  He wants to know if he should send missionaries out there again—so Elder Vargas and I are starting to take a 45 minute bus ride twice a week out to Punitaqui to inform the President how the work is coming along.  It’s a little pueblo even smaller, hotter, and dustier than ours—haha.  It reminds me of Anakin Skywalker’s home world, Tatuín, in Star Wars 1—just without the aliens and everything—haha.

But I love Ovalle.  Elder Vargas and I live in a little tiny house with two stories.  The first story has a room for studying, a very small kitchen, and a corner where we have our bunk beds.  Upstairs is where we keep all of our clothes and where the bathroom is located.

I love the Boyd family. Mauri, the little boy, has his baptismal interview this Saturday!  We are super stoked for him. I can’t beeve that he is already getting baptized next week.  His family is sweet, they are all going to church now and super involved in everything.  This Saturday is the talent show that we have been planning.  The whole ward is coming and we are way stoked to see how it helps out the members, less actives, and investigators.  I know it’s going to help us find new investigators and families that are prepared for the gospel.

I know the work is true. I have no doubt that this is exactly the place that I need to be right now.  I have learned so much patience, humility, and diligence here.  I feel like after leaving Ovalle I will be able to overcome anything in the mission.  We have changes in two more weeks.  It’s amazing how time flies when you forget yourself.

I love you all,

Elder Teeples




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