Troy’s Letter: November 1, 2010

1 11 2010

Elder Lloyd, Mauro,Rocío, Elder Teeples, and Carolina

Hello all,

What!  Gabe is tall?!  When did that happen?  He’s taller than Joel and me?  Wow—haha!  It sounds like Grandpa Nolder will be okay as well, but I will keep him in my prayers.  It was good to hear from you all, like always.  I love reading your letters.

Let’s just say that we had an AMAZING Halloween.  I think it was even better than that Halloween that I was a taxi cab driver when I was like six—haha.  Elder Lloyd and I had the blessing and privilege to baptize Rocío, Mauro, and Carolina.  Elder Lloyd baptized Mauro and I baptized the Rocío and Carolina.  It was an amazing day and an amazing baptismal service.  The spirit was very strong during the whole service.  After the baptisms, Elder Lloyd, Elder Boren, and I all sang Nearer my God to Thee while Elder Villanes played the piano.  It was so awesome and touching.  There were a lot of people crying.  After everything was over, Elder Lloyd and I found Carolina downstairs by herself.  She was crying because she was so happy and felt so good.  My heart broke. I was overwhelmed…it was an amazing day.

The rest of the week was pretty awesome as well.  Alexis didn’t drink or smoke for the first time this weekend!  He and his wife Gabriela went to the baptism and loved it.  They are progressing really well.  If everything goes well, they will have their baptism interviews this Saturday.  The only sad thing is that we have changes this coming Monday.


  If they end up getting baptized on the 14th and I am transferred, someone will be a lucky Elder.  Whoever is transferred here will have a married couple that will be baptized the first weekend here—haha.

Elder Lloyd is doing really well.  He has progressed a ton since he first arrived here.  We have gotten to be pretty close.  His Spanish has improved so much and he is learning how to recognize and follow the Spirit.  I loved training.  It is so awesome.  I only hope that we can finish off the change strong here and leave this place better than I found it.

It’s amazing how I arrived in Coquimbo almost six months ago.  Where did the time go? In two and a half weeks, I will complete a year in the mission.  What happened—haha.
I love being a missionary.  I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life.  I know that, as it says in D&C 88, the Lord goes before us in all the we do.  He is on our right hand and on our left.  I have seen way to many miracles here to deny that the church is true.  I love you all and I’m excited to hear from you next week.

Love, Elder Teeples




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