Troy’s Letter: October 18, 2010

18 10 2010

Our ward mission leader!

Hi family,

I’m going to start out by saying thank you for your concern and prayers about my foot and I’m sorry that I left you worried.  Just so you know, it’s not a bone that is broken.  I have always been able to move all of my toes and everything, and it never bruised.  So taking x-rays would be pointless.  A tendon or muscle was twisted or damaged because it swelled up and was super tight.  The only reason that it hasn’t healed completely up until now is that I have to walk so much around here so it’s hard to find time to give it rest. I ice it when it’s swollen and take Ibuprofen everyday.  I’m always walking around with an ace bandage.  It is healing very slowly, but it is healing. I will keep you all updated on the progress.  This Wednesday I will talk to the President and his wife about going to a doctor.

Well, something huge and completely interesting happened this past week, which will change Sindempart completely.  They divided the ward!  With all of the baptisms that have happened recently and all of the less actives coming back to church, the church building we have now isn’t big enough.  They are opening the church building in Sindempart that has been closed for 6 years.  Now, we will have two separate wards—Sindempart and San Juan.  It is exciting for Coquimbo because it means that the work is progressing well and it can progress even faster now with more wards and more missionaries.  I think President will be sending four more missionaries here so there will be four in the San Juan ward and four in the Sindempart ward.

The only problem is that now with all of the new boundaries, Elder Lloyd and I will be losing almost everyone that we are teaching.  We are also confused because we are going to have three baptisms on the 31st—Mauro, Rocío, and Carolina…but Mauro and Rocío live in the new boundaries of San Juan…so we don’t know what’s going on really—haha. We have five investigators with a baptismal date and four of them are going to live in San Juan.  So pretty much, we are going to lose our entire teaching pool—haha.  We are going to get some investigators of the other missionaries though.  It’s really weird.  It’s almost as if we’re switching sectors with them.  It’s going to be super weird for a couple of weeks.

The good thing is that we have a conference this week with the zone leaders, district leaders, the trainers, and the President and his assistants.  I’m so excited to learn about all the new training and teachings they have for us.  I will be up in La Sarena for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  I’m super stoked.  I’m only a little depressed because we are going to lose like everyone we’ve worked with.  Even all of my converts here will all be in San Juan.  It’s going to be like starting from zero.  It’s a little depressing but I know in the end, it will be good for all of Coquimbo.  If that is what the Lord wants, then that’s what we are going to do.  All we have to do is stay excited and have faith.  I know that we will be blessed with new investigators that will progress for Sindempart.  This week should be very, very interesting.


Elder Teeples




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