Troy’s Letter: October 11, 2010

11 10 2010

My new companion...Elder Lloyd

Hello all,

I’m going to start out by trying to answer all of the questions.  I don’t need another backpack because the one I lost was a shoulder bag that I bought here.  I don’t need my driver’s license here in the mission unless I become assistant—haha—so I doubt I will need it.  If you could send me a cheap triple and Bible in Spanish that would be nice, along with some kind of carrying case.  I’m walking around now with the cheap Book of Mormon that we hand out and an old Catholic Bible–haha.  Oh, I also need a new oil holder for my key chain for blessings.  The only two things I lost in my wallet was my credit card from the states and my card from the mission.  The mission is sending me another card already.  I already have other keys; I made copies of the other elder’s keys.  I lost the photo book that you sent me in the MTC.  I’m fine with clothes and shoes and everything. If I need any clothes, it would be easier for me just to buy that stuff here.  The only thing I’m lacking here is money; the Sextons lent Elder Lloyd and me some money until my mission card gets here.  The card should get here in like 10 days.  My foot is still swollen because of playing soccer before it was healed. I’m going to stay off of it now for a while. I’m a little worried sill so if you could keep praying that would be awesome.  I’m doing everything I can now to rest it.

The whole country is freaking out about the miners.  The collectivo drivers love to talk about it—so do the members.  There are even billboards up now on the streets that say “¡Fuerza mineros!” (Strength miners!)  I’m just excited for them to get out so we can change the topic of discussion.  Haha—just kidding.  It really is incredible what is happening.

There aren’t any holidays that focus on thanksgiving here.  The biggest holiday here in Chile is during the week of September 18th.  All they do here is eat as much meat as possible and get really drunk—haha.   I have been keeping a journal.  I write in it once every 3 or 4 days.

Alright…haha…I think that was all of the questions.  If I missed any, I apologize.  Ask them again next week—haha.  I loved reading all of your letters this week—except for Savannah who didn’t write me.  So, life here has gone on as usual. I love the mission and it’s amazing how happy I have been in spite of all of the trials that have happened. Everything just seems to brush off my shoulder now and resolve itself in a matter of weeks.  It’s amazing how blessed I have been.  Elder Lloyd and I are getting more and more excited everyday to baptize these people.  We made this sign that incorporates the Nike symbol into the baptism sign and it says “just fecha” (just put baptismal dates).  We taped it up above the door to leave the pension.  So now everytime we leave the pension, we slap the sign like a football team leaving the locker room—hahaha.

Our zone...

Our investigators are progressing pretty well.  Mauro, Rocío, and Carolina are all looking like they’ll be baptized on the 31st.  All of them have gone to Mutual.  Rocío is even starting to go to seminary.  They are all getting to know the members of the ward and everything is looking great.  The only downside is that Felipe still hasn’t been able to go to church because they called him in again to work on Sunday morning.  So we’re going to have to move his date to November and commit with him to talk to his boss.  I have faith that it will all work out well though.

Another miracle that happened…it turns out that a year ago, Carolina and her family, the girl who is getting baptized, and Carmen Gloria and her family, had a huge falling out.  It had something to do with a lot of alcohol and fighting and a big ugly story.  Long story short, neither family had mentioned the name of the other family.  I had no idea about it until three weeks ago when Carolina went to church for the first time.  She saw Carmen Gloria and started crying.  She said she didn’t ever want to go again. But Elder Batty and I taught her it was a trial and she needed to power through it.  So, with a lot of prayer and inspiration, Carolina and her mom randomly went over to Carmen Gloria’s house and solved everything.  This week—the 1-year anniversary of what happened between them, we had a family home evening with the two families.  As they all cried and thanked God for the change in their hearts, I couldn’t help but do the same.

It’s amazing how the Lord led us to Carmen Gloria three months ago.  We baptized her and then immediately afterwards, we found Carolina and her family.  I’ve come to learn that there are no such things as coincidences in the mission.

So Spring is starting here in Chile and it’s so nice.  I love walking around without a suitcoat.  Being out in the sun gets me stoked.  I don’t even know why.  Another thing that gets me stoked is watching Elder Lloyd—haha.  I joke with him so much; he is always so confused when the people talk with him or when we take a bus or a collectivo—haha.  It is so funny to watch him learn and teach him how to live in Chile. I’m starting to feel like I’m not new anymore in the mission.  I can’t believe it, but I will be completing a year in just over a month.  How crazy is that?

It’s amazing how much my life has changed in a year and how much I have changed.  I can’t wait to learn more during this next year, though.  I have 13 more months to grow, learn, and see miracles here in the Lord’s work.  I absolutely love seeing the changes in the lives of others.  I get super depressed when I think about the day I have to take off the plaque.  How depressing.

I love you all,

Elder Teeples




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