Troy’s Letter: October 4, 2010

4 10 2010

Going away party for Elder Batty and Elder Hughes

Hey family!

How sweet was conference?!  Wow that was an intense session of General Conference.  I loved every single talk.  My favorite ones were probably Elder Scott’s and Elder Edgley’s talks.  I love any kind of talk that has to do with faith.  It’s amazing how the apostles can take such a simple topic and break it down on such an intense scale.  Elder Uchtdorf’s two talks were amazing as well; I loved both of them.

So this week was an awesome but stressful week—haha.  My foot started acting up again at the beginning of the week, so I was walking around with the cane again.  Then on top of that, I lost my backpack!  I totally left it in a collectivo when we were moving Elder Hughes to La Sarena.  I lost my scriptures, keys, wallet (I don’t know if the mission called but you have to cancel the card again… sorry, sorry, sorry), photos of the family, and other papers, pens, stuff like that.  And then that night, I had to start training—haha.  So, I brought my kid into Coquimbo hobbling around on a cane with no money or keys or scriptures or anything—haha.

I have to admit that if that had happened four or five months ago, I probably would have been super depressed and upset.  But it’s amazing how my perspective on life has changed and how happy I can be now in the middle of my trials.  I realized that all of those trials were just tests and if I faced  and dealt with them well, we would be blessed.  And that’s what happened!  We had an amazing week.  My foot started healing quickly; I even played soccer this morning with the zone.

My new companions name is Elder Lloyd.  He is from Utah and a complete stud.  He has a full ride scholarship to Stanford to play quarterback after the mission.  He is a good comp; he’s humble and he’s ready to learn.  I absolutely love being a trainer.  It’s the best feeling ever when I can help him to feel and learn to follow the impressions of the Spirit.  I’m super stoked to see his progression this change.  We do make a good team and his Spanish isn’t that bad for a newbie.  I know we are going to have an amazing change.

Carolina and her mom and daughter...

All of our converts are doing really well.  They all have good friends in the church and all went to conference (except for Pamela because her child was sick).  It was a sweet week.  We are working a lot with Carolina, the daughter of a less active who has a baptismal date for the 31st.  We are also working with Mauro and Rocío, other children of a less active mom, who also have the goal of the 31st.  We also saw another amazing miracle this week.  Felipe, the ex-boyfriend and father of Pamela’s kids, told us that he wants to be baptized, too.  So,  we put his goal for the 31st as well.  We’re also working with this sweet family of five that we found that are pretty rich. We are working on bringing members over to their house, and we know they are going to start progressing quickly.

Miracles, miracles, miracles…we see them every day.  It’s amazing how many blessings we receive when we simply ask, have faith, and go to work.  I love the mission and the gospel.  Every day I know with more and more surety that it’s true and I can’t wait to share it with others.  I can’t stand being in the house anymore, because all I want to do is get out and teach. 

For Christmas, just send me ties and music—haha.  I love you all,

Elder Teeples




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