Troy’s Letter: September 27, 2010

27 09 2010

Fourteen people--ten baptisms!

Hey family,

Well, this week was sweet until I heard that Sparky may have cancer.  That was one of the most depressing moments ever.  But I’m sure that it will all turn out okay.  Alright…easily the most ridiculously crazy, successful, amazing, extraordinary week ever.  Let me start out by saying that WE HAD 10 BAPTISMS IN THE WARD!  Haha—can you believe it?  We all think that we had to have set some kind of record or something here in the mission.  The photo is soooo freaking amazing. 14 people in white with the four of us baptizing.  So Elder Batty and I had six baptisms: Patricia, Pamela, Jaime, Marcela, Igor, and Rocío.  I baptized Marcela, Rocío, and Jaime. Elder Huges and Elder Boren baptized four.  It was ridiculous.  There were over 100 people that came, and about twenty of them weren’t members.  We were so blessed.

This week was amazing as well, full of miracles.  We started out the week with zone class.  My zone leader, Elder Ho, asked me to give a speech on miracles.  So I gave my speech on miracles and we all committed to pray everyday for miracles and read Mormon 9 (sweet chapter).  So we saw sooo many miracles.  I wish I had time to write all of them here.  Here are some examples of the miracles we saw:

  •  We were teaching an 80 year old convert and out of nowhere her grandson came up and told us he wanted to get baptized.  He’s now getting baptized the 31st of October. 
  • We were trying to meet up with other elders to do interchanges really late.  We were in an area without collectivos.  We prayed for help to get across town.  Twenty seconds later, a car pulled over and asked us if we needed a ride across town.
  • Before beginning to knock on doors, we prayed to find someone who would be baptized in October.  On the fourth door we knocked on, we found a girl whose mom is less active.  She wanted to get baptized.
  • We got out of lunch late one day and needed to get across town, or else we would have to cancel the cita.  We were in an area where there were no Sindempart collectivos.    Randomly, a collectivo driver of Sindempart was leaving to go to work because he lived right there.  We made it to the cita on time.
  • During the cita, a friend of the daughter of the family randomly showed up.  We watched the Joseph Smith movie.  The friend started crying and told us she wanted to get baptized, too.
  • On our way to the baptisms we found an old investigator that we couldn’t find for a long time.  We asked him to go with us.  He went and loved it.
  • We baptized 10 people in one day.

Baptismal Day with Marcela, Rocío, and Jaime

There are so many more but I just don’t have time to write them all.  It’s amazing how the Lord blesses us with miracles when we just put our faith in him.  Like it says in Ether 12, the Lord works through our faith.  He literally cannot work through us unless we show and use our faith.  When we do have faith and use it, the results are amazing.  I love the mission, I love being so blessed to be here in Coquimbo.  I love all of the trials and hardships that we have had. Along with being the most blessed week, this has also been the most stressful week of my life.  It’s amazing how hard Satan works to keep people from getting baptized—haha.

So today is change day.  We already know all of our changes—haha.  The president called me on Friday and asked me if I would train for him.  I’m totally stoked to train.  I pick up my newbie tomorrow at the bus terminal of Coquimbo.  So, I am staying here for a fourth change!  It will be almost six months here in Coquimbo by the end of this change. Elder Batty is moving up to zone leader in Viña del Mar. He leaves for home in just a little over five months.  I’m going to miss him.  Well I’m going to send a bunch of pictures.  I love you all and pray for you every day.

Love, Elder Teeples




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