Troy’s Letter: September 20, 2010

27 09 2010

Elder Batty and I are standing by a disabled sign. We thought it was funny because the pregnant lady just looks like a fat man--haha.

Hey family!

I loved the letters this week.  They were all so awesome. I read every letter twice—haha.  I loved the pictures as well. Just to let you know, Mom—I have like 30 pictures to send, but this computer doesn’t take my memory card.  It’s pretty old.  Oh, and also I bought athletic shoes as well.

So my foot is doing a lot better.  Thanks for all the prayers.  When I woke up last Tuesday, it was about twice the size of my other foot—haha.  I couldn’t put any weight on it. I had my comp give me a blessing and we just kept working.  A lot of members were freaking me out.  Here in Chile, everyone is super dramatic, so they all told me if I didn’t go to the doctor I wouldn’t be able to use my foot for the rest of my life—haha.  So I called the mission house and they just told me to ice it and take Ibuprofen—which I did all week.  I honestly still don’t know what happened to it. It’s a pulled muscle or tendon somewhere in there.  It still hurts me a little to walk, but I’m sure by the end of the week it should be 100 percent again.

The funniest thing that happened this week was the crutch/cane I was walking around with this week.  Pamela, one of our investigators, gave me this crutch to walk around with, which helped a lot.  Elder Batty made so much fun of me—haha.  We were walking/hobbling down the street this week, when I crutched by this 90-year-old lady, like 3 feet tall.  She was using the same crutch that I was—haha.  She said, “I thought it was only us old people who walked around like this.”  Elder Batty almost died laughing. He said he really wanted to take a picture.

At Coquimbo's Pampilla

But besides the foot, this week was sooo sweet!  It was the week of the 18th of September, which means the entire week was a party.  Here in Chile if there is a holiday, they don’t celebrate for one day, they celebrate for an entire week.  They had this thing called the Pampilla.  You should look it up on the internet.  It just so turns out that the largest Pampilla in Chile is in Coquimbo.  The Pampilla is like a state fair which goes on for the whole week.  The thing is, everyone camps up there as well.  There are thousands and thousands of tents, games, stores, and Ferris wheels and rides and singing performances—and everything. It was absolutely ridiculous.  The coolest thing was that we got permission from the zone leaders to go up and see it, because Patricia and her family were camping up there.  So, we went and taught her whole family and then they showed us the sights.  The dad even bought us hats—haha.  It was sweet; Elder Batty won the shirt off of a drunken guy’s back—haha (long story).

So that was pretty much our week.  We couldn’t really do much teaching or tracting this week.  Our mission president told us to be at our pension early because the nights were dangerous.  We were told to look for opportunities to do service and spend time with the members.  I have to say, I have never eaten so much meat in my entire life.  Every single day of this celebration week, everyone barbeques. Meat, meat, and more meat.  We would seriously go from one BBQ to the next all week.  I think I gained ten pounds with just pure meat—haha.

The sweetest thing about this week definitely was the fact that all of our investigators are doing really really well.  Marcela, Igor, and Rocío all had their interviews Saturday and are ready to go for their baptisms Sunday.  Patricia, Pamela, and Jaime have their baptism interviews tomorrow at 7.  If everything goes well, we will have six baptisms this Sunday!  And Elder Hughes and his newbie have four this Sunday, too.  We are going to have ten new members in the ward!  Just imagine it!  We are all freaking out.  I can’t believe how blessed we are to be here in Coquimbo.  It’s amazing how many people are prepared for the gospel here.  If we show the Lord that we are willing to work hard for it, he puts those people in our path.  Now what we have to worry about is putting baptismal dates with more people than who we are working with.  We are working hard to keep the pool of investigators full so that after the baptisms, we aren’t left with nothing.  I know that the Lord will put families in our path this week.  I’m just excited to find them—haha.

I love the mission.  I know that I’m not only blessed here.  I can see how the Lord blesses the lives of our family as well.  Every time I read your letters, I can see the evidences of all of your many blessings.  It’s great to know that you are all doing well back home.

I can’t believe it but we are already at a change day again.  Next Monday is change day so I will let you know if I’m staying in Coquimbo or leaving.  It will be weird to have a different comp after having been with Elder Batty for 12 weeks, but I’m stoked all as well.  It’s weird to think I will be completing a year in the mission in less than 2 months. Sad.

I love you all,

Elder Teeples




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