Troy’s Letter: September 13, 2010

27 09 2010

A true Chilean celebrating Independence Day....

Hey family,

I didn’t hear anything from Mom or Taryn, so I assume that they are living it up in Hawaii.  I’m pretty stoked for the email from them to hear what it’s all like.  The emails from Savannah and Dad almost made me cry—haha.  I feel bad for the three of you at the house.  But that’s how life is, right?  It’s amazing how fast time flies by.  I can’t believe I will have been out for ten months on my mission in a week.  Which is sad; I don’t want the mission to end. I mean I still have a ton of time left, but it’s sad how fast it is going by.

But on a better note, my birthday box came!!!  I loved it too!  I was so stoked to listen to the music, make all the food, and wear my sweet new shirt.  The ties were awesome as well.  Thanks for everything.  It was all perfect—everything I could have asked for my birthday.

On the 11th of September, every missionary had to be in the house by 6:00pm.  Apparently, it’s a huge Chilean celebration and everyone in Chile is out stoned and drunk all night; so, we had to be in the house really early.  We took advantage of our time and had a combined birthday party for Elder Hughes and myself; he turned 20 yesterday.  We played a bunch of ping-pong and ate cake.  It was a good time.

Today we had the big Sarena vs. Coquimbo soccer game.  It was pretty sad.  Sarena crushed us; it was like 7 to 3 because they had a couple of Latins who were great at soccer on their team.  Then we had a big BBQ after and ate burgers and empanadas.  It was sweet, but the only problem was that I totally hurt my foot.  I don’t know what’s wrong with it, but I think I messed up a muscle or a tendon or something.  I can’t put pressure on it.  I don’t know if I’m going to have to go to the doctor or what soon, but I’ll see how it turns out.  It’s going to be very hard to be able to work here in Sindempart without walking.  If all of you could pray that it heals, I would be very grateful. I will put my trust in the Lord and keep working, and I know that everything will turn out alright.

Our investigators right now are doing really well.  One of them, Pamela, had been with her grandma all week.  Her grandmother had been cutting her down for getting baptized, so she told her mom she doesn’t know if she’s going to get baptized.  The problem is we haven’t seen her all week but we have an appointment with her tonight.  I have faith that everything will turn out alright.  The rest of the investigators are doing really well.  If everything turns out right, we should have six or seven baptism interviews this Saturday.  Elder Batty and I are so stoked.

This week is also the week of September 18th—Chilean Independence Day.  The whole week right now is one big party.  There are flags and banners, and every car and bus is covered with Chilean flags and colors.  It’s pretty cool looking.

My companion--Elder Batty

Miracle story of the week: Elder Batty and I were doing comp study one morning when we got a call from a member who was at her friend’s house.  The friend was really sick. We came over right away, got to know her friend, and gave her a blessing of health. Immediately after the blessing, she was moving her head, talking, and smiling.  The next day we came over to her house and she was out of bed walking around!  This woman looked super bad when we had showed up.  We are now teaching her and her two grandchildren.  We’re hoping that the mom will start listening in too.  It’s amazing how the Lord puts people in our path when we are completing doing everything that He wants us to do.

Well I love you all.  If you could pray that my foot heals, I know the Lord will hear it.  Thanks,

Elder Teeples




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