Troy’s Letter: September 6, 2010

6 09 2010

Our ward talent show at Coquimbo...

Hey all!

Well, it was good to hear from you all.  I cannot believe that Taryn is leaving for college this week; that blows my mind.  Saturday is the big day.  I’m going to need to hear all about it.  I’m pretty stoked to hear what Hawaii is like and the campus and everything.  Savannah, you just have to hang in there—haha.  I know it will be tough, but two years pass by pretty quick.  Oh, and just to let you know, my birthday package still hasn’t gotten here—haha.  It usually takes like a month or two for a package to get to me once you send it, especially since I am in the north. (Just so you know for Christmas—haha)  I was super depressed to hear that Paula, my longboard, was stolen. I can’t believe that happened.  I loved that board.  Dang.

But on a brighter note, we just had the most successful week of my entire mission!  We had an absolutely amazing week.  There was a leadership conference for the zone leaders, trainers, and district leaders of the north everyday this week.  So my comp Elder Batty, the district leader, Elder Hughes, and another trainer were in La Sarena all week.  I was left here with two brand new missionaries this week.  It was so weird; we were in a trio—haha.  We worked in all three sectors this week, which was crazy because I was the only one of the three who spoke Spanish.  But this week was soo bomb.  We found an awesome new family doing tours of the church and we have an appointment with them today.

Another talent show act...

Patricia, the mom of the family that was going to be baptized, smoked on Tuesday so we had to move their baptism date to the 26th.  She told us later then that she felt so badly that she delayed the baptism of her kids that she couldn’t sleep.  Now she has quit completely!  So that family of three is stoked for the 26th now.  We also are teaching another family of three: Igor, Rosío, and Marcela, who have the same goal of being baptized on the 26th.  We are also reactivating a less active family and their little girl, Leslie, is being baptized the 26th as well! Haha! If everything goes well and the Lord sees fit, Elder Batty and I will be baptizing seven people on the 26th!  Elder Hughes and his newbie have three baptisms the 26th, too. Imagine ten people being baptized in the ward in one day! It’s going to be crazy!!

We have been so blessed to be here in Coquimbo.  It’s absolutely amazing how many people here are ready for the gospel in their lives. I never want to leave Coquimbo.  I would be happy staying here for another year and two months to finish the mission.  I’ve gotten really close with the members and the investigators.  Every night we try to set up a family home evening with a member.  We bring investigators each night to the houses of the members.  I am learning every day how to use the members more effectively and use the spirit more.

Elder Batty and I have been applying this new awesome way to teach using inspired questions.  If we just stop for a moment and think, we can be led by the spirit during lessons.  I’m also learning how to use silence during the lessons.  It’s amazing how in moments of silence, the spirit testifies so strongly and tells us exactly what we need to say.  It’s incredible that Ammon sat in front of King Lamoni for an hour before asking him an inspired question that led to his teachings.  Sometimes we feel uncomfortable if there’s ten seconds of silence.  Our lessons are changing simply when we focus on the needs of the people and not just the lessons that we teach.

Over 100 people at the ward talent show...

My studies and my whole view of life have improved so much. I can’t believe how much I have learned.  If only everyone in the world had this same knowledge that we are privileged to have as members, the world would be such a better place.  I love my purpose as a missionary—helping to bring the children of God to exaltation.  What can be better?

We played soccer again this morning.  We’re training because next p-day the zone of Coquimbo is playing the zone of La Sarena in a huge soccer game in a turfed stadium!  It’s going to be so bomb.  Especially since La Sarena and Coquimbo are the two most successful zones of the mission.  It’s going to be a battle of the giants—haha.  My athletic shoes are absolutely torn up.  My right shoe is more like a sandal now because the top part over the toes is completely gone—haha.  Well I love you all. 

It was great to hear from you…until next week,

Elder Teeples




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