Troy’s Letter: August 30, 2010

30 08 2010

Hey family!  I’m officially 20 years old—haha.  That is crazy sounding.  This week was sweet and I had a sweet birthday, too. Oh and just to let you know, my birthday box still hasn’t arrived, but I think that it will arrive this week.  If you could put my address to write me on my Facebook, that would be great—a lot of people have asked me for it.

Elder Teeples

4 Norte 1112

Viña del Mar, Chile

It was sweet to hear from all of you this week.  I can’t believe Taryn will be out of the house soon and Savannah is driving now.  I hope she’s not driving Trevor around… (Savannah had two flat tires in the last week–one on the Suburban and one on the Neon.)

So, we had our branch talent show this last Friday on my birthday.  It was awesome.  Our goal was to have 50 people come  We ended up having over 130.  Needless to say, it was successful. We had a lot of members, less actives, and investigators attending.  There were some awesome acts. Elder Batty, Elder Hughes, Elder Boren and I did this hilarious skit at the end about doing door contacts.  Everyone loved it so much.  Then they all surprised me by singing me Happy Birthday—all 130 of them—haha.  There were a lot of investigators and members that gave me birthday presents.  I got a lot of chocolate, and a sweet Chilean money pouch.

The rest of the week was pretty usual—tracting and teaching.  We’re pretty stoked about this one family that we have—Patricia, Pamela, and Jaime.  Their dad came home this week, and they were all scared because they thought he would be against us and their baptisms and everything.  Elder Batty and I got on his good side.  Saturday night we even made him and all the family pancakes and the dad loved it.  He even woke up his kids and wife to go to church the next day. Patricia, Pamela, and Jaime all have their baptism interviews this Saturday—if everything goes well.  We just have to check up and make sure Patricia quit smoking and we’re good to go.

I love the mission.  I’m having so much fun with Elder Batty and Elder Hughes and his newbie.  We are having such a fun change.  It’s amazing how the Lord changes our hearts when we find ourselves completely devoted to Him.  It’s going to be tough to leave Chile when it’s all said and done.  I wish we could ask for mission extensions—haha.  Well I love you all.  It was awesome to hear from you.

Elder Teeples




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