Troy’s Letter: August 23, 2010

23 08 2010

Hey family!

This last week was amazing.  I’m super stoked for this coming week.  I’m turning 20—haha.  We have the sweetest activity planned on Friday, my birthday.  Oh and by the way, I still haven’t gotten the package and I probably won’t for another week or two.  Since I’m in Coquimbo, way up in the north, it takes a while for the mail to get here from Viña.

So this Friday we’ve got the branch activity planned, the ward talent show.  We’ve been planning it with our ward mission leader who has changed so much.  This branch has changed so much since we have gotten here.  When I arrived in Coquimbo, we didn’t even have coordination meeting with the leaders.  Now, we do it every week.  The leaders of the branch are all stoked for the activities and the baptisms that are happening.  It just shows that when missionaries come in with good ideas and a good attitude, everything changes.  It’s weird how the missionaries are like the life blood of the church here in Chile; everything depends on the missionaries here.

Yesterday Elder Hughes and his newbie, Elder Boren, had a baptism and they have two more this coming Sunday.  It was a sweet baptism and we had some families at the baptism.  They all loved it.  We have a family that is progressing towards their baptism on the 12th of September.  Patricia the mom, Pamela her 22-year-old daughter, and Jaime, a12 year old, are the family members that we are working with.  They are all awesome.  They weren’t progressing well up until this week.  We had an awesome lesson with them.  We taught them baptism, baptism, baptism and then we all knelt down as a family and asked Pamela if she would pray to see if they should get baptized on the 12th.  She prayed and for a minute we all were quiet.  At the end of the minute, we asked them how they felt.  They all felt the spirit so strong and accepted to be baptized on the 12th .  They went to church and also to the baptism yesterday and loved them both.  We’re so blessed and excited for them.

Our latest invention...our ping-pong table!

Some awesome things that have happened this week: we made a ping-pong table in the pension.  We made more pancakes this morning and are going to make more completos for lunch.  We had a sweet family home evening with three families.  I taught a lesson about how we should look for God first before the things of the world, while Elder Batty made pancakes—haha.  I did the sand and rocks in a jar object lesson where you have to fit everything in the jar and the kids loved it.  Something pretty crazy happened, too—haha.  We were taking a bus to go down to Carmen Gloria’s house and there were two buses that were going down there.  Without even knowing Elder Batty got on one of them and I got on the other.  After realizing we were alone, we both freaked out and couldn’t find each other—haha.  It was such a weird feeling being without my comp for even one mintute.  Life after the mission is going to be weird—haha.

Well I love you all.  It was awesome to hear from you all.  Taryn, I hope you don’t get too bored waiting for college.  I’m so stoked for you, though.  Hawaii is going to be awesome.  The church campout sounds like it was fun, though.  And I’m a little depressed that Trevor (Troy’s car) is doing poorly; I’m sure he misses me—haha.  I love you all,

Elder Teeples




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