Troy’s Letter: July 26, 2010

26 07 2010

A group of 5 puppies that Elder Batty and I found. We saved their lives on the way home one night-haha.

Hey family!

I hope you have all enjoyed summer vacation.  Winter vacation just ended here and the kids are all going back to school now.  This week has been a week of disappointments.  It has been a good week in some ways and a really disappointing week in other ways.

Jessica's family signing the soccer shirt they gave me....

So Jessica, Rodrigo, and Puol all had their baptismal interviews this week.  We were all ready to for their baptisms for this upcoming Sunday, when we figured out that the dad was snowed in up north at the mines.  He wouldn’t be able to make it back for Sunday’s baptisms.  So, we had to move their baptism until the next time that he will be back on a Sunday—August 22nd.  This absolutely broke my heart, because we have transfers on the 16th.  It’s very possible that I will be tranferred out of here.  This was especially hard, since after their interview, Jessica asked me to baptize her.  Now I might not even be there for their baptisms.  That really got me down, but it’s a part of life and the mission I guess.  The important thing is that they are baptized as a family together.

Our other family that we are teaching, Carmen Gloria and her two daughters, are progressing well.  After teaching the word of wisdom, Carmen Gloria stopped drinking and smoking by the next day.  It was a miracle.  Her daughter, who has problems with drugs, also had a huge change of heart during church yesterday.  We talked about sacrifice.  She started to cry and her mom and sister both huddled around her comforting her.  It was so awesome to see the spirit working within her to change her heart for the better.  If all goes well, they will be able to make their goal for baptism as a family on August 15th.

We are also teaching a family of four that went to church as well.  The family consists of mom, two daughters, and one son who is eleven years old.  The two daughters are 21 and 16.  The twenty-one year old already has three kids, and the sixteen year old has a daughter as well.  It’s amazing how young the girls get pregnant here.  Yesterday we entered a house where a 15-year-old kid was going to be a father next week.  We also entered another house where the mom smokes pasta base (basically like meth) in front of her kids once a week.  She told us that she needs our help to quit, because it controls her life and is destroying her family.  She was telling us how an evil spirit enters the house everytime she does it and was desperate to get it out.  We gave her a Book of Mormon, did a prayer on our knees, and promised to come by frequently to help her overcome her addiction.

As I see all of the corruption in the world and all of the sadness, heartache, and pains that come from drugs, alcohol, and infidelity, it makes me thankful for the teachings of the gospel and the life that I had growing up. I realize how blessed I have been to be raised in a home with good parents and the blessings of the gospel. It’s awesome to see how the teachings of Christ bring these families out of the darkness into a light that they have never known existed.

I know the church is true and I know that its teachings not only bless us in this life, but in the life to come.  I’ve felt the spirit so strongly here week to week.  I cannot deny what I have learned. The mission has just helped reassure me of the necessity of not only remaining true myself, but also teaching and raising my own kids in the church.  I know that I will never be the same again.

I love you all,
Elder Teeples

And to answer your questions…

When you lost your wallet, did you lose money and/or your driver’s license?

Yes, I did lose my license and everything.

Are you warm enough?  I’ve noticed the weather there is pretty cold.  I remember that you cut a few of your long sleeve shirts and made them into short sleeve shirts.  Do you have enough?  Do you need sweaters, shirts, or socks when I send your box?

Yes I’m warm enough.  I bought a sweater with some money I pulled out.

How will you get the box that I deliver for your birthday?  Do you still have to get in on the bus…or is it different this time?

And, the zone leaders have to take it by bus.

Are there any food items besides your gifts that you want in your birthday box…peanut butter?

If you could send Reese’s chocolate with the box that would be awesome.




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