Troy’s Letter: July 19, 2010

19 07 2010

CoquimboHey family!

This week was both awesome and depressing—depressing because I lost my wallet in a collectivo (taxi).  And the fact that we’re in Chile means I will probably never see it again—haha.  I’m sure dad knows that you have to cancel my Visa card now—whoops.  Oh well, life goes on. But this week was huge as well.

Elder Batty and I are working hard and seeing miracles.  Jessica’s family has their baptismal interviews this week!  They are progressing so quickly now that we are stopping by every day.  They are my favorite family ever.  Rodrigo, the 16-year-old teenager, gave me his favorite Chilean selection soccer jersey.  I had the whole family sign the back of it.  It’s such an awesome shirt.  Speaking of soccer, I can actually hold my own now in soccer, seeing that we play every week.  Sometimes we even play with the little kids in the street and they laugh and yell and call us their superheroes—haha.  Life is awesome here.  But back to the family…the mom, dad, and Poul who is 12 years old, are completely stoked and ready for baptism.  Rodrigo still needs a testimony.  Elder Batty and I fasted for him this past Saturday.  Then his mom, Jessica asked us to do a fast with her on Sunday, so it has been a tough week.  I have no doubt that he will gain a testimony and be ready for his baptism.  We have everything planned and ready for the first of August for their baptism so we will see what happens.  I know that if it is the Lord’s time for Rodrigo, everything will turn out fine.

Another family that we are teaching who now has a baptismal date for the 15th of August is Carmen Gloria and her two daughters.  We had such a powerful lesson with them and a recent convert that we brought with us to the lesson. After the lesson, we asked Carmen to pray and ask if the church was true and if she should be baptized with her daughters on the 15th.  During the prayer Carmen confessed that she already knew the church was true by the way she felt.  She already knew that she wanted her whole family to get baptized. After the prayer, we had about a minute of silence where my comp and I were praying with all of our hearts. The spirit drove me to break the silence with my testimony.  I bore my simple and sincere testimony about the truth of the gospel and afterwards Elder Batty did the same.  I’ve never felt such strong promptings from the spirit in my life.  It was such a testimony builder for me to see the desires of that family to drop everything and follow Christ.

Sunday was an amazing day.  We were blessed enough to have eight investigators at church.  The other missionaries brought five or six investigators, also.  With all of them and the recent converts and their family members, we had about twenty-five people in the Gospel Principles class in the ward.  Just to let you know, there are usually about six or seven people in the class.  Our ward mission leader was so pleased with us, that he made us a cake later that day—haha.  Our ward mission leader is ridiculous.  He has really long hair and always come to church in a corduroy suit.

So life is going on as usual.  Our usual day consists of going from appointment to appointment.  Our sector is so large that we have to take collectivos after almost every appointment.  The majority of the money we spend all goes to taxi fare.  

The Cross of the Third Millenium

Our town is awesome, though.  It is all flat and pretty much a small city.  On one side of the city is the ocean and rocky shores and the other side of Coquimbo is just huge hills and mountains.  We can literally walk to the beach or walk to the mountains every day if we wanted to—haha.  More towards the city is the huge cross that shoots up from the highest hill.  You should look it up on the internet—the cross in Coquimbo.  It’s pretty crazy.  We went inside it up to the top—haha.

Well the mission is awesome.  I love life.  I can’t believe that already a third of my mission is over.  I don’ ever want to leave—haha.  I love hearing from you all and especially about Trek.  I will keep Megan in my prayers and keep up the good work with her!  You’ve got 16 months to convert her!  Haha—just kidding.

I love you all,

Elder Teeples




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