Troy’s Letter: June 14, 2010

14 06 2010

My companion--Elder Bohorquez

Hey family!

Sounds like I missed out on a pretty interesting week, with mom’s job, Savannah´s EFY trip and her awesome day traveling back—haha, and of course Biscuit.  Hahaha. Taryn and Dad, you are both lame.  Just kidding.  But I love you all.  Just to let you know, everything is awesome here in Chile!

It is getting colder and colder all the time and it has started to rain a lot.  I think it’s a lot colder here because we are literally right next to the ocean.  We are finally getting the windows of the pension replaced this week, so living conditions hopefully will be a lot nicer—haha.

This week was sweet!  We had eight investigators attending church—the highest I’ve ever had during the mission.  Marcelo and Marcela, the two kids of the less active family are getting baptized on the 27th!  I’m so happy for them.  The whole family is active now and the kids can’t wait to get baptized.  It feels so good to know that Elder Bohorquez and I have been instruments in changing the lives of this family.  I think I will be baptizing Marcela and my companion will be baptizing Marcelo.  Whenever we leave the house Marcelo always hangs on my legs and I walk around with him like dad did with me when I was like five—haha.  I have just recently noticed that I’m not a kid anymore.  I’m going to be twenty in two months.  Dang that sounds old.

There’s another family that we are teaching, Angelica and her two kids Arlet and Sergio.  We are planning on setting baptismal dates with all three of them this week.  They all have gone to church now three times and are progressing really well.  We do have a problem, though, with two investigators that we have been working with—Claudia and Gladis.  Both want to get baptized, but their husbands don’t want anything to do with the church and won’t let them.  We have done everything possible but now we just have to have patience and trust that the Lord will work miracles with them.

An awesome spiritual experience that happened this week- Elder Bohorquez and I we’re having troubles finding new investigators so we decided to look up the list of less active members and pass by their houses.  Oftentimes when the missionaries pass by houses of less actives they can activate the family and baptize members that haven’t been baptized (Like Marcelo and Marcela).  So we were walking with the list and came upon this house.  Instead of finding a less active family, we found this lady and her two daughters.  They told us that they had moved their recently and were about to be baptized where they lived before.  They lost contact with the missionaries.  It was an absolute miracle that they moved into that very house that we were looking for.  I know that when we are doing everything we can to work hard, the Lord puts in our path the people who are ready and prepared.  It’s amazing to see miracles daily. 

My Spanish has progressed a lot.  I’ve been so blessed having Latins as companions.  I love being bilingual—haha.  I often go for days not speaking English, seeing that two out of the four missionaries  I live with don’t know English. I know that my accent isn’t bad either.  Some people have asked me if I’m from Argentina or from southern Chile.  It’s hard not to be a little prideful after hearing that—haha. 

Well, I love you all and I’m excited to hear from you all next week.

Elder Teeples




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