Troy’s Letter: June 7, 2010

7 06 2010

Last time with his old zone...before leaving for Coquimbo

Hey family!

Happy birthday Savannah!  (I know she is at EFY right now, but tell her for me anyways.  I hope she has an awesome time.)  I hope the summer is going well for all of you, it sounds like it is.

Time in Coquimbo is going really well.  I feel so blessed to be here seeing that this zone of the mission is by far doing the best.  For this month, our zone has a goal of fifteen baptisms, which would be the most that one zone has had in one month during my mission.  We know that we can accomplish it with the guidance of the Lord.  Elder Bohorquez and I have a goal set of three in our sector during the month of June.  It looks like it’s going to be completed.

Our zone barbeque before transfers last week...

I have an awesome spiritual story of the week.  We were praying and fasting for miracles this week, and it happened.  The awesome family that we are teaching, Marcelo and Marcela and their less active parents, are progressing like crazy.  The parents told us that they weren’t planning on coming to church yesterday, but when their kids asked them if they could at least drive them to and from church, it changed the heart of their dad completely.  In fact, it affected him so much that the family not only attended all three hours of church, but the parents decided to pay tithing without anyone even asking them!  The branch president wanted to see progress of the parents before the kids would be baptized, and now he saw the progress.  We have their baptisms planned for the 27th of June, along with another 35-year-old woman named Gladis, who is a good friend of one of the members.

Marcelo and Marcela wearing our name tags and bags...

I have learned that now that I have the language down a little better, I can focus on the spirit during the lessons instead of worrying about the grammar or how to say something.  I have noticed a dramatic difference in the lessons when the spirit is present instead of just teaching principles of a lesson.  Every day I am learning how to use the spirit to teach and how to adapt lessons to the needs of the investigators.  Like Preach My Gospel says, we are here to teach people, not lessons.

I am trying to change my way of finding new investigators now as well.  Instead of picking a street to knock on doors like most missionaries, I am trying to pray and be led by the spirit to specific houses and specific people that have been prepared to receive the gospel.  I have noticed a difference but I still have a long way to go to learn how to recognize and follow the promptings of the spirit on a deeper level.  I know that with patience and practice, it will change my whole mission.

It is nice not having to climb or hike hills every day.  Our sector is huge, but it’s all flat—which is the bonus. We actually have our own house here in Coquimbo.  We don’t live in an apartment like Valpo.  Our house has a kitchen, two bathrooms, two bedrooms, and a small living room.  Needless to say, living conditions here are much better—haha.  Not to mention that there are no pulgas here!  I’m pulga free for the first time in the mission.  The only downfall is that it is cold—really cold—haha.  Especially since two of our windows don’t have glass.  Apparently some missionaries broke two windows in the past and never replaced them.  We’re working on getting them fixed now.  I sleep with like two shirts, a sweater, two pairs of socks, a beanie, and four blankets—haha.  During personal study we are covered with sweaters and blankets as well.

Oh, something that I LOVE to eat here are completos.  They are like hot dogs, but in sub sandwich bread with tomatoes, guacamole, ketchup, and mayonnaise on it. It sounds gross but they are delicious—haha.  And also something strange here is that there are different types of tea and coffee that are okay to drink.  They are natural and different.  Every night, the members always give us completos and coffee—haha.  So each morning I have my cup of coffee as well which warms me up—haha.  Well I’m going to send some pictures.

I love you all,

Elder Teeples

Nombre: Elder Teeples

Compañero: Elder Bohorquez

Barrio/Rama: Sindempart       

Fecha: 7-6-10  

Esta carta al Presidente debe incluir los temas siguientes:

1) ¿Como está usted y su compañero(a)?     

Estamos bien todavía, estamos trabajando duros y teniendo éxito. Estamos contentos con el progreso de nuestros tres investigadores con fecha y estamos planificando a tener tres bautismos el 27 de este mes. Los miembros están acompañándonos con más frecuencia ahora. Elder Bohorquez me dijo que esta es la primera vez de su misión que está cumpliendo con sus metas de tener miembros en las lecciones. Estamos contentos con el progreso de las lecciones con miembro, ahora estamos enfocándonos en hermanodores específicos para cada investigador que esté progresando. Elder Bohorquez es un buen ejemplo para mí y estoy aprendiendo de su manera de enseñar, nos llevamos bien y estamos desarrollando una buena amistad. Sé que vamos a tener mucho éxito juntos.

2) ¿Qué hizo esta semana que demuestre que obedeció con exactitud?

A mí me gusta esta pregunta. Siempre trato de hacer mi mejor esfuerzo a obedecer con exactitud. Nunca he tenido un problema con el horario, siempre he obedecido con exactitud el horario. Pero yo estaba pensando en una manera en la cual podía mejor mi obediencia. Lo que hice para mejor fue cumplir con el presupuesto. Me sentí muy mal por no cumplirlo el mes pasado entonces empecé esta semana a llenarlo cada día cuando compro cualquier cosa. Ahora estoy bien con eso y planifico hacerlo por el resto de mi misión.

3) Comparta una experiencia espiritual de esta semana que Usted experimentó en la Obra.

Nosotros estuvimos orando y ayunando para tener milagros esta semana, y pasó. Vimos un milagro en la vida de una familia que estamos enseñando. Estamos enseñando a una familia en la cual los padres son menos activos y los dos hijos se van a bautizar. Los hijos tienen mucho ánimo para sus bautismos y los padres antes no tenían tanto. Los padres nos dijeron que no estaban planificando a asistir a la iglesia ayer, pero sus hijos les preguntaron si sus padres pudieron llevarlos en el auto a la iglesia a las diez y llevarlos a la casa después para que no tuvieron que caminar. Eso tocó el corazón del papá mucho. De hecho tocó su corazón tanto que decidió a ir a la iglesia, y aún pagó su diezmo, sin haberle preguntado nadie. Ahora esta familia está progresando muchísimo y ahora no tengo duda que van a ser una familia fuerte en la iglesia.




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