Troy’s Letter: May 31, 2010

31 05 2010

Goodbye, Valparaiso! Hello, Coquimbo!

Hey All!

CHANGES!!!  Haha—guess where in Chile I am now?  President Gillespie sent me to Coquimbo!  Coquimbo is the northernmost zone in the mission and it is unreal!

So we got our changes on Monday after our awesome BBQ and soccer game.  Only Elder Blood, Elder Bailey and I left.  The rest of the zone stayed.  (We were the three that had remained during three changes in Valpo Oeste).  It was kind of sad.  It was the last time that I saw Elder Blood in the mission.  Saying goodbye to Marta and Juan and Christina and Raul was tough.  They were crying, as well as my companion Elder Suazo.  Although I was sad, I was happy—haha.  (Obviously I didn’t show it.  Don’t worry, mom.)  I was so stoked to go to Coquimbo, because it is by far the most successful zone in the mission.  For a long time this zone has always had the most baptisms of the entire mission.

It took so long to get here, an 8-hour bus ride.  I rode on an absolutely massive tour bus with five other missionaries who were transferred up north.  Seriously, this bus looked like a small plane.  It was a double decker bus.  All the seats were like airplane seats—there were even TVs (that we didn’t watch haha) and people going down the aisles selling food.  It was unreal.  So we got to Coquimbo and I love it here. I met my new companion, Elder Bohorquez—another Latin!  I can’t believe I have had a Latin comp for three of my four changes.  He is from Peru and is a really, really good missionary.  He works really hard and I know that we are going to have a lot of success here with the help of the Lord.  The only thing that is funny is how short he is.  I always laugh when we are walking in the streets because his legs move about twice as fast as mine do to keep up—haha.

Coquimbo is bomb!  This zone is unreal.  We had interviews with the President here right after we arrived.  The President told me that he sends all of his most trusted missionaries here because he has big plans for the zone.  I was really happy to hear that.  It gave me even more of a desire to work harder.  It shows, too.  I met all of the missionaries in this zone and they are all absolute studs.  I feel pretty humbled to be here.  There are basically no hills here—haha.  Everything is flat—it’s so nice.  Also, it’s not really a city like Valparaíso.  It’s more of a suburb.  The people here are more humble and relaxed.  It seriously feels like a move from Denver to Fort Collins.  In Valpo, there are just rich or poor people.   Here, everything is more middle-class.  People even have their own cars here.  I’m going to gain so much weigh here—haha.  There are so many more members here and they give us so much food.  My stomach literally hurt two times this week after lunch.  The members give us rides and we don’t have to hike hills.  My pants are already getting tighter—haha.

The work keeps going on no matter where I am.  We are still finding people and teaching every day.  We had seven people come to church this week.  I already love the new branch.  My favorite family that we are teaching right now is the Maichil family.  The two parents are a less active family that we are reactivating.  The two kids, Marcelo and Marcela are going to get baptized in June or July.  The kids love us and even follow us in the street when we leave—haha.

I know that this work is true.  Every day my confidence in the truthfulness of the gospel grows.  I’m so excited to be here in Coquimbo and to help the Lord with the work here.  I love you all.  It was great to hear from you all.  It’s weird to think that it’s summer there, seeing that it’s winter here.  I hope you are all enjoying the pool—haha.


Elder Teeples




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