Troy’s Letter: May 24, 2010

24 05 2010

Hey family!

How’s life?  Taryn graduated?  What? How did that happen—isn’t she still like a sophomore?  And Savannah is turning sixteen?  Dang!  Where is the time going?  Guess what?  I officially now have more than six months in the mission.  Isn’t that ridiculous?  I can’t believe how fast time is flying by—except for this week—this week has felt like it has gone on forever.  I’ve been looking forward to today this whole week.  It’s CHANGE DAY—haha.  Today our zone is having a huge barbeque and we’re playing soccer and Ultimate Frisbee.  Then we get the changes at like seven tonight.  Today is going to be sweet.  I just learned that Elder Blood is going to Chupallez, a small region close to Viña del Mar.  The zone leaders always get their changes before anyone else.  This will be the first change I’m not living with my dad—haha.

On another topic, our zone dominated this month.  We jumped up from four baptisms in the month of April to eleven baptisms in the month of May.  Valparaíso Oeste went from one of the lowest baptizing zones to one of the highest in the past three changes.  There are thirteen zones in the mission.  Everyone here is so stoked; it’s been an awesome change.

The one thing that our zone is low on right now is new investigators.  Elder Suazo and I especially were having a difficult time this week finding new investigators to teach.  After a really long day with nothing happening, we decided to offer up a prayer to find the people who have been prepared and chosen to listen to us.  Afterwards, I noticed an extremely small stretch of street/alleyway that we hadn’t contacted before.  The first house we knocked, no one was home.  But on the second door, I knocked and the lady who came out let out a yelp for joy and let us in right away.  Inside was a family of five who had obviously been prepared to receive the missionaries.  They even had two copies of the Book of Mormon already!  After teaching the first lesson, they all committed to read and pray, to ask if it was true.  They even gave us empanadas on our way out.  After the lesson, I was so grateful that I almost started crying.  It’s amazing what the Lord blesses us with if we simply just ask and work for it.  We have another appointment on Tuesday with them.  I’m really going to miss them if I am changed. Our other family that we are teaching, the family Perez Muñoz assisted again this week!  The only problem that they have is that the dad smokes a lot, so we are doing everything we can to help him quit.  I love teaching families.  It’s so much better to see a family progress together and receive the blessings together.

Well, we have to go buy all of the stuff for the barbeque.  It was great to see photos of Taryn’s graduation and the family.  Good job Taryn! Congrats!  I love you all and I’m excited to hear from you all next week.

Elder Teeples




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