Troy’s Letter: May 10, 2010

10 05 2010

Hey all!

It was so nice to talk to you guys.  Everyone was kind of quiet, but it was nice anyways—haha.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  I was just so excited to talk to the family that I forgot what day it was.  And I’m going to tell you right now that a flea bomb is not going to do anything—haha.  That will keep them out for a day or two.  I always buy a can of Raid every week that is especially for pulgas—so you don’t have to worry about it.  It keeps them at bay when we use it. The pulgas don’t attack the Chileans, just foreigners— so that sucks for us.  It’s okay—more trials just means more blessings, right?

Well you guys pretty much know what’s going on here, because I just talked to you all.  Marta had her baptism interview.  Her baptism is this Saturday!  I’m so excited for her.  It’s going to be an awesome day.  Hopefully, Transito can get baptized next Saturday as well.  She just needs to hold strong from smoking for these next two weeks.  It would be awesome to end my last two weekends of the change with two baptisms.

So where I am right now used to be like the dead place of the mission.  Missionaries would think it was a punishment to come here because the hills are relentless and the people are hard hearted.  In the past three months, though, it has started to change.  President Gillespie is using the numbers of our zone as an example for the mission on how each zone should progress.  Our first counselor of the branch even gave a talk last week about how the members have started to see something in the branch that hasn’t happened in ten years.  People are beginning to be baptized here and are remaining strong.  I feel so blessed to be a part of the change that is happening here.  I know that we laid the groundwork here for progress in the future.  The members are starting to get excited about the work here now.  They are accompanying us all the time—something that is key during lessons.  It’s amazing what happens when we have faith and enthusiasm.  When you have the mindset that anything is possible, it’s possible.  When you have the mindset that nothing will happen, nothing will happen.  You always get out of something exactly what you put into it.

Elder Pitcher and Elder Blood are our zone leaders here.  Elder Pitcher is like the biggest klutz and spaz ever—haha.  Everything always happens to him.  One time we were at a lunch with a member and Hma Lopez told Elder Pitcher that the chili wasn’t hot at all.  So he ate the whole thing!  Thirty seconds later, his face was as red as a fire truck.  He was convulsing and tears were coming out of his eyes.  Everyone was laughing so hard.  The next day at lunch, he opened a 2-liter bottle of Sprite.  It sprayed all over him and went everywhere—haha.  Then the next day we had lunch with another member.  On his way to the bathroom, his missionary tag got caught on a nail and snapped in half—haha.  Everything always happens to him and it’s so funny.  Whenever he teaches, he moves his eyebrows like a madman and his eyes get all big.  We like to give him a hard time.  Plus, he’s from Canada and goes to BYU Idaho.  He is just a recipe for disaster—haha.  I still can’t believe I’m living in the same pension as my trainer in my 3rd change.  Elder Blood thinks the President is going to move us to the same zone after this ,too—haha.

Some of my favorite times during the weeks are the Family Home Evenings.  The investigators LOVE Family Home Evenings.  Sometimes we will be talking to random people on the street, who used to go to church or meet with the missionaries, and they don’t remember anything about the church except for the FHE’s –haha.  My favorite FHE’s are at the house of Christina and Raul.  Raul is an international chef from Japan, and so he always cooks us the most ridiculously delicious food ever.  Oh, and we now know almost every single collectivo driver by name.  Only three of them give us rides for free—haha.  Well, I will talk to you all next week.  It was good to hear from you. 

I love you all,

Elder Teeples




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