Troy’s Letter: April 12, 2010

12 04 2010

Hey Family,

It was good to hear from all of you.  I can’t believe that Savannah is going to Italy!  That is sweet…and Taryn is graduating soon.  That is absolutely ridiculous.  In my mind, Taryn will always be a sophomore at Fossil.  I still haven’t heard from Joel yet, which is super lame. Lame, Joel, lame—haha.  Also, I want to hear what’s going on with John, how’s he doing?

That’s funny that you guys are getting the lessons from the missionaries.  The best part about Preach my Gospel and the new way missions are run, is that we teach everything by the spirit.  Nothing is memorized anymore.  So it could be that the lessons you are getting from the missionaries are nothing like what we are teaching here.  It really all just depends on the needs of the investigator.  Isn’t that sweet?  

So guess what?  We already know the changes!  President Gillespie is so funny.  He loves to tell missionaries their changes.  He is like a kid who can’t keep a secret—haha.  Yesterday, he attended our ward and just straight up told us after Sacrament meeting.  So Elder Suazo and I are staying!  I was happy and sad when I heard that we were staying together.  Happy, because I will probably get to baptized some of our investigators here, and sad because I still have to hike hills everyday—haha.  So today is change day, and everyone is all curious and freaking out except for us.

This was a tough week.  We taught a bunch of lessons and found some sweet new investigators, but at the same time had a lot of disappointments.  Transito, who was supposed to have her interview this week, smoked again—so we had to push the interview back.  Emma, who was also supposed to have her interview, was really sick, so we had to push back her interview as well.  So hopefully, they will have their interviews for baptism this week and get baptized next week.  We’ll see.  No one came to church this week for various different reasons, including sickness, family reasons, or the Waunderers soccer game.  It was disappointing, to say the least.  We were hoping to have eight investigators at church.  Cristina and Raul still have to get married, but Raul is always working now.  It’s hard for him to go down to Santiago to do the paperwork.  Marta and Juan are getting married at the end of May and baptized soon after.  Juan still says he refuses to get baptized unless I do it—haha.  He even wanted to talk to President Gillespie to make sure I did it.  It will come down to the wire whether or not they will be able to be baptized this change or not.  I really hope they can.  The next change ends May 25th and I will definitely be gone after that.  I’m really excited to tell them that I’m staying this change.  They still don’t know.  So that was the story of this week.

But with the work, you have to take the good and the bad, and stay positive.  I’ve realized that not everything will go perfectly all the time.  I loved the talk that we had this last conference.  Every trial that we have, and every problem is an opportunity to become more like Christ.  We really only have two ways to go—either we’re progressing or we’re moving backwards.  We never stay still.  When we face a trial, we can become either more like Christ or less like Him.  If we stay patient and positive, always turning to God in prayer, we find so much more joy instead of disappointment in life.

One such trial is the weather—haha.  Summer is slowly leaving and it’s starting to get colder during the night.  Also, with the time change that we had, it gets dark around seven p.m. now.  We’re still are out tracting and teaching until 9:30 p.m.  So it’s super cold at night, but it’s really hot during the day.  We have to choose whether or not to wear short or long sleeve shirts.  If we go with the short, we’re fine during the day but freezing during the night.  With long sleeves, we’re fine during the night and miserable during the day—haha.  So really, it’s a hard choice every day.  We started planning our appointments with people later during the night so we can stay indoors during the night—haha.

Today we are playing volleyball in the chapel with the zone.  It’s going to be a sweet good bye game.  I am pretty sad because my zone leader, Elder Ellis, is coming up on his last change.  He is leaving to go train a greenie somewhere else this change before he heads back to the states.  It’s depressing, because we are super close and I probably won’t see him again for a really long time.  But that’s how it goes, I guess.  At least Elder Blood will still be in the pension.  He is staying here as zone leader and a Canadian is coming over from a different zone to be his companion.  Well, I have to go, but I look forward to hearing from you all again.

Elder Teeples

By the way…yes, you can send photos over email.  That would be awesome.

Nombre: Elder Teeples

Compañero: Elder Suazo

Barrio/Rama: Edwards A 

Fecha: 12-4-10  

Esta carta al Presidente debe incluir los temas siguientes:  

1. ¿Como está usted y su compañero(a)?

Estamos bien todavía. Estamos contentos con los cambios y vamos a trabajar duros este cambio para tener bautismos. Aveces me desanimo porque todavía me faltan bautismos pero yo sé qué con un esfuerzo y paciencia, vendrán. Estamos completemente enfocados en lo que podemos hacer para ayudar a las personas en este sector. Estoy súper cansado cada noche pero muy contento porque sé que hice todo lo que yo pude hacer. Elder Suazo todavía está bien. Estamos aprendiendo mucho uno al otro cada día. Este domingo fue triste por nosotros porque no tuvimos a nadie en la capilla. Fue nuestra primera vez que nadie asistió, entonces vamos a hacer un odorpal esta semana para tener nuestros investigadores en la capilla. Podemos mejor en esto. Planificamos a tener bautismos este cambio, pero todo depende cuando algunas personas van a casarse. 

2. Relate una experiencia espiritual personal de la semana. 

Yo decidí  a estudiar más de la expiación de Cristo, como escuchamos que debemos hacer en un discurso de la conferencia. Me di cuenta que lo mas que sabemos de lo que hizo Jesucristo, lo mas deseosos estamos de compartirlo con los demás. Durante un estudio me puse pensar por un tiempo de la expiación. Desarrollé un testimonio aun más fuerte de Jesucristo, que es mi Salvador y mis deseos de compartirlo creció bastante. Me di cuenta que las promesas que tenemos de las conferencias realmente son de Dios y son verdaderas. Y por eso, realmente tenemos a un profeta hoy en día que recibe revelación de Dios.  

3. ¿Qué  aprendió de la Conferencia General qué le ayudará a ser un misionero más eficaz?   

Habían dos discursos que a mi me encantaron. El discurso de Elder Uchtdorf de la paciencia fue súper perfecto para mí. Puedo ser un misionero más eficaz por medio de la paciencia por muchos razones. Cuando no soy paciente con mi mismo o con otras personas, me pierdo el Espíritu, y no puedo recibir la revelación que necesito de seguir adelante. Cuando soy paciente, puedo tener este don y seguir aprendiendo y llegando a ser más como Cristo. Cada desafío o problema que tenemos es una oportunidad de llegar a ser más como Cristo. Pero todo depende de nosotros. Entonces por eso, hice una meta de hacer cinco cosas cuando hay un desafío: ser paciente y amaroso, no quejarme, seguir sonreíndome, orar a Dios para ayuda, y nunca dar la culpa a otros. Ahora la primera cosa que hago yo cuando yo tengo un desafío es orar envez de quejarme. Por eso he desarrollado una relación aun más fuerte con mi Padre Celestial.




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