Troy’s Letter: April 5, 2010

5 04 2010

Hey all!

So how sweet was this week?!  Conference was awesome!  I loved every talk.  It was easily the best I’ve ever heard.  Some talks that I especially loved that applied to me were Elder Uchtdorf’s talk on patience, and Elder Christofferson’s talk on how to deal with trials.  There is so much I could write about them but I don’t really have time.  I thought how it was interesting that this session, the theme was basically on the youth and what we should do to strengthen the youth and prevent inactivity.  Basically, everything prepares young men for missions.  Now I can see why.  Our mission president, President Gillespie, made it mandatory that every Elder watch the conference in his native language—so I got to watch it in English!  This was sweet—haha!

Taryn your dolphin training idea, I had to admit, made me laugh a little when I read it, but I can see it—definitely.  If you want to, go for it. I’m excited to hear stories and see pictures of BYU Hawaii….and Savannah’s trip to Italy sounds awesome!  I wish I could go live somewhere exotic and experience the culture!  Oh, wait…. haha.  

I haven’t gotten my package yet, but it’s possible that the zone leaders will bring it back today from the mission office.  This week was interesting, to say the least.  There’s no such thing as Easter day in Chile—it’s the whole week.  It’s called the Semana Santa (Holy Week), and the whole week is spent with family and such.  There was no one on the streets—it was definitely weird.  Something I think you guys will find hilarious is the tradition of Judas—haha.  So all week, little kids sit outside and beg for coins from anyone who passes (of course they beg a lot from the rich gringos from America).  At the end of the week, they make a huge life-sized doll (Judah) and fill him with the coins that they have begged for.  Then they tie up the Judas in the air like a piñata and burn it!  Hahaha.  They hit it with sticks while it’s burning and say stuff like, “You suck Judas!”  Hahaha.  Then all the coins go everywhere and the little kids go crazy with the fire and money.  Of course, it’s symbolizing Judas Iscariot, who sold Jesus for money, but it’s just absolutely ridiculous.  I wanted to take pictures of it but I thought that that would be inappropriate—sorry, haha.  I’m sure you can picture it, though.

Besides that, this week was another week in the mission. Elder Suazo and I are still having some awesome success and continue to see miracles.  Emma, who is 60 years old, is going to be baptized on the 17th.  She has smoked every day since when she was 14, and quit smoking in a week and a half!!  I knew she would too; we had so much faith in her.  Her baptismal interview is this Saturday.  Our other investigator, Transito, also had the exact same situation and quit smoking as well.  She will be getting baptized the same day.  The sad thing is that changes are the 12th and I will most likely be changed.  This means I will most likely miss their baptisms by five days.  This is sad, because I have been here for their entire progression.  It’s also sad because I still won’t have any baptisms.   Cristina and Raul still need to get married but are still unreal.  Marta and Juan will be married in the beginning of May and baptized sometime shortly after.  Juan wants me to baptize him.  I might get permission from President Gillespie to come back to Valpo Oeste and baptize him, which would be awesome.  I wouldn’t really mind getting changed from here.  I have to admit I am getting tired of the hills—haha.  I can’t eat enough food to keep up with how much I burn. I would also love to see other parts of Chile.  Well, next Monday are changes, so we will see.

Speaking of food, something awesome that Elder Suazo and I love to do is to cook breakfast burritos every night.  After a long day of tracting and teaching, we stop by a corner shop, buy what we need, and then head up to our pension.  After planning the next day and praying, we run to the kitchen and take out all of the food.  We are getting really good at cooking.  We make breakfast burritos with eggs, cheese, onion, chili peppers, this bean sauce, chicken, steak, salsa…and anything we can find.  I throw everything I can find in our pension in a pan.  We fry it up, and throw it in a burrito.  It’s my favorite time of the day—haha.  They are so delicious.  It is amazing.  I think I’m going to get into cooking.  We are starting to cook every morning, too, instead of just eating cereal with yogurt—haha.  Well I’m going to send a sweet picture of our burritos.

I love you all!

Elder Teeples

Nombre: Elder Teeples

Compañero: Elder Suazo

Barrio/Rama: Edwards A

Fecha: 5-4-10  

Esta carta al Presidente debe incluir los temas siguientes:  

1. ¿Cómo está usted y su compañero(a)?

Estamos bien todavía. Estamos trabajando juntos y estoy aprendiendo mucho de Elder Suazo, algo que a mí me gusta mucho es su conocimiento de las escrituras. Me di cuenta que voy a aprender algo de todos mis compañeros, la cosa que aprendí de Elder Suazo es la importancia de conocer las escrituras. Por eso estoy esforzándome a memorizar las escrituras de las lecciones.  

A mí  me encanta mi misión, estoy aprendiendo bastante cada día como debo trabajar y lo que debo hacer para ayudar a los investigadores a asistir a la iglesia y progresar hacia sus bautismos. Estoy súper contento que empecé mi misión acá en Valparaíso. Por eso estoy aprendiendo paciencia, algo que me faltaba antes. Lo que he aprendido acá va a ayudarme durante el resto de mi misión, sin duda.  

Nuestros investigadores están progresando también. Tenemos dos mujeres que tienen sus entrevistas bautismales este domingo y más que van a bautizarse directamente después su matrimonio. Me siento contento porque yo sé en mi corazón que estoy haciendo todo lo posible a invitar a estas personas a venir a Cristo.  

2.    Relate una experiencia espiritual personal de la semana pasada por hablar con todos. 

Anoche nos dimos cuenta que no estábamos teniendo mucho éxito contactando las casas muy tarde, después de las ocho. Entonces decidimos a hacer algo diferente, empezamos a contactar solamente las personas en la calle y ¡funcionó! Encontramos dos más buenos futuros envés de enojando a las personas en sus casas. Me di cuenta que tenemos que ser creativas durante las noches cuando no tenemos citas.  

3. ¿Qué  aprendió de la Conferencia General? 

Yo aprendí  muchísimo durante la Conferencia. Fue mi favorita conferencia y me sentí como muchos discursos fueron perfectos para mí. A mí  me encantó el discurso de Presidente Uchtdorf de la paciencia. Yo hice una tarjeta con una cita de su discurso que ahora está en mi pared. La cita fue: 

Persistent patience is progression towards perfection.  It is in the waiting, not the receiving, when we grow the most.  

Me di cuenta que he estado aquí en Edwards para desarrollar paciencia y debo estar animado para desilusiones porque son oportunidades de desarrollar más paciencia y llegar a ser como Cristo.  

También a mí  me encanto otro discurso de D. Todd Cristofferson. Yo sigo aprendiendo la importancia de desafíos y lo que debemos hacer durante el desafío para llegar a ser como Cristo. Durante la misión vamos a tener cualquier desafío y desilusión, pero tenemos que hacer lo que hizo Cristo durante la última parte de su vida- nunca quejarnos, seguir trabajando, perdonar a todos, seguir orando a Dios, y seguir adelante. Por eso podemos ser instrumentos poderosos en las manos de Dios.




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