Troy’s Letter: March 29, 2010

29 03 2010

Valparaiso...the city of hills! What a view!


…And thank you to everyone who reminded me.

Hello family,

Well it’s been another awesome week in Chile.  Did you guys get the pictures I sent last week?  Can you send me the address of the blog?  I want to look at it.  I loved hearing about your week.  Savannah, that is sweet about your tennis match—congrats!  I can’t believe Taryn is going to college and Kevin is home from his mission already, dang!  That’s super weird.  I didn’t hear from Joel though.  What’s going on dude?

Well I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the food here.  A lot of it is the same as the states, but there are some weird things here as well.  Chileans love to put hot dogs on everything…and I mean everything.  A common dish is spaghetti with boiled hot dogs in it—haha. Salad consists of tomatoes, and nothing else.  There’s a huge dish of tomatoes at every meal and they always ask how the salad is after we eat the tomatoes.  I can’t help but laugh.  There’s been a lot of food that I have liked but I usually forget the name of it afterwards.  Pastel de Choclo and Pastel de Pápa are both super good.  They also like to put sunny side up eggs on absolutely everything.  Empanadas are huge here, and are always homemade.  Also, we’ve eaten Cazuela, which is like a soup with a bunch of stuff in it.  I like it all.  I really am not very picky anymore.  I will eat anything that is put in front of me—haha.  The hardest part of Chile has to be the fact that there is no such thing as a public restroom.  Sometimes that can be pretty frustrating—haha.

It’s still weird to think that it’s snowing up there.  It’s still super hot here.  I’ve never sweat before like I do now—especially hiking these hills, all day, everywhere.  I have to admit, if I transfer to a different sector this change I won’t miss the hills.  The view is absolutely amazing from the top, though.  I love it.  I’ll send a sweet picture of it.

Our investigators are doing really well.  We have two women that are being baptized on the 17th of April.  The only problem they have is smoking.  They have to quit completely by this Saturday in order to make their baptismal date.  But, they are met all of their goals that I set up for them, and they are so happy now.  We’ve seen such a huge change in their lives.  One of them, Transito, was super emotional and stressed before.  Now when we come over she can’t stop laughing and smiling.  She always asks us when we are going to come by again.  Christina and Raul are doing well…well, Christina is doing well.  She cannot WAIT to be baptized.  She is so funny.  She loves everything about the church and is always asking questions and thanking us.  She is a tank of faith.  Raul, her soon to be husband, knows it’s true but he doesn’t want to quit smoking.  We’re going to keep working with him.  He’s so funny though.  He’s definitely my favorite—short, fat chef, with longer hair and a beard—haha.  He’s hilarious.  They are going to get married so she can get baptized.  We are praying that he will have a change of heart soon. Marta and Juan are still waiting.  They will be baptized as soon as they are married, in about a month.

The biggest problem with Chile is the converts.  Everyone goes inactive quickly.  Apparently, like 90 percent of the members in Chile are inactive.  It has the worst percentage in the world.  So many times we will be contacting, and the people we talk with were baptized a long time ago and just stopped going.  It’s pretty sad.  We’re working with a lot of families to get them back in church as well.

Some sweet experiences this week—we taught this lady who lived under this half bridge/half house thing.  We had to get down on our knees and crawl under the bridge to get in.  Her house consisted of walls with so much junk piled everywhere.  It was hard to find a place to sit down to teach the lesson.  Every week my testimony gets stronger and stronger.  I have no doubt that we are being led to people who are ready and prepared to accept the gospel.  I was also reading the talk Beware of Pride by President Benson this morning.  It is absolutely amazing.  I learned so much about life in general after reading it.  I highly suggest reading it.  It completely changed my view of everything.  Well, I have to start heading out.  I look forward to hearing from you guys next week.

I love you all,

Elder Teeples

1.      ¿Cómo está usted y su compañero(a)? 

Estamos súper bien todavía, estamos trabajando juntos y teniendo éxito. He visto milagros esta semana en las vidas de otras personas. Está maravillosa para mí  cuando ponemos nuestra fe en Dios, los investigadores pueden dejar de hacer cualquier cosa para arrepentirse. He visto los cambios en las vidas de otras y mi testimonio está creciendo cada semana por eso. Tenemos dos mujeres que están dejando de fumar rápidamente y realmente están cambiando sus vidas. Un problema grande que tenemos son los matrimonios, parece que no hay nadie en Chile que está casado. Pero tenemos dos matrimonios que están trabajando para casarse y bautizarse después. Elder Suazo me calle bien, estamos trabajando y ayudando uno al otro con todo. Estamos animados para ver los bautismos de estas personas. Yo entiendo que siempre no voy a ver los frutos de mis esfuerzos pero sería súper bueno para nosotros a ver estos bautismos el próximo cambio.   

2.     Relate una experiencia espiritual personal de la semana pasada por hablar con todos.   

Yo estoy aprendiendo lo que significa hablar con todos, no solamente significa las personas en las calles pero también los investigadores, los miembros, y los menos activos. Me di cuenta que debemos siempre estar pidiendo referencias, especialmente de los miembros. Los domingos son perfectos para eso. Nosotros estábamos hablando con los miembros de referencias antes y les animamos a buscar más referencias. Eso fue perfecto porque ahora estamos esperando más referencias de una hermana en nuestra rama. Siempre voy a aprovechar los domingos y pedir referencias.  

3.     ¿Qué ha aprendido de su lectura del Libro de Mormón?

He aprendido algo esta semana que nunca voy a olvidar. Yo estaba leyendo el discurso Beware of Pride por Ezra Taft Benson. Me impactó muchísimo. Estaba leyendo una referencia de ese discurso en Mosíah 4:11-12. Me di cuenta que lo que yo necesito hacer para ser misionero más exitoso es dejar de ser orgulloso. Dice en Alma 5 también que tenemos que ser completamente humildes. Voy a trabajar de ser menos orgulloso y humillarme en todo aspecto de mi misión y también mi vida. Lo que es más importante para Dios es nuestras intenciones de los corazones. Yo debo trabajar duro para estar bien en los ojos de Dios, no en los ojos de Hombres. El Rey Benjamin nos da una promesa, que si estamos humildes vamos a tener el amor de Dios, retener la remisión de nuestros pecados, y obtener más conocimiento. Yo necesito estas tres cosas muchísimo en mi vida. Voy a enfocarme en eso durante el resto de mi misión.




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